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Worship Street Whistling Shop, Shoreditch

April 30, 2014
Worship Street Whistling Shop

First thoughts: Worship Street Whistling Shop – it’s a mouthful.  I had to look it up twice to remind myself where I was going.  But since it’s on Worship Street it sort of makes sense, though it’s perhaps not the most memorable name to choose.

Worship Street Whistling Shop


I met Nina – blogger of Have you heard of it (HYHOI) and old school friend – there after work.  I’d read mixed reviews of the cocktail bar; one rated the atmosphere but not the cocktails, the other found the drinks expensive but worth it and instead let down by the vibe.

It was quiet and emptyish when we got there. And dark. So dark (hence apologies in advance for the bad, grainy photos to come).  That’s the vibe they seem to be going for – a speakeasy with dim lighting and Victorian decor. Quite cool but also maybe a little try hard.  Dark blue painted walls, leather sofas, dark wood, deer heads hanging on the walls, cracked mirrors.  And a distillery in the corner, which is pretty unique, since they distill their own drinks here.

Worship Street Whistling Shop


Worship Street Whistling Shop


I forgave them for the silence – it was after all a Tuesday evening.  The waiter needed prompting but enjoyed interacting with us, recommending cocktails according to our taste (the Onesie for Nina, the Chase Marmalade Vodka for me).

Nina’s was what she had expected from her classic choice (Whiskey) – strong and solid.  Mine surprised me how good it was.  Lapsang tea with very zesty homemade lemonade.  And a shot of marmalade infused vodka on the side – to be added yourself (and a generous size). Very refreshing.

Worship Street Whistling Shop


We caught up on the past 10 years and swapped blogging tips.  They let us sit in the sunken sofas for as long as we wanted.

It’s certainly not your typical East London affordable cocktail bar.  It is, in fact, pretty pricey.  I still don’t like it when they add a 12.5% service charge on a drinks bill.

Worship Street Whistling Shop


But it was fun.  And I could see myself coming back with a group of friends (perhaps on a weekend) if I was ever in the area. And it certainly has a date ambience – moody and a little bit intriguing.  After all, don’t we all like a bit of dim lighting to flatter once in a while?

Worship Street Whistling Shop

63 Worship St, London EC2A 2DU
020 7247 0015

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