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The Farm Letna, Prague – EAT

March 26, 2016
The Farm Letna, Prague

Prague’s historical centre is very beautiful, there’s no denying that.  If you venture slightly out of the main hub you will also be ale to avoid the rubbish tourist traps, and find plenty of fantastic restaurants, like Sansho and Field, and great bars like Hemingway and L’Fleur.

But there are new up-and-coming areas of Prague which you should keep an eye out for.  Areas like Holešovice, across the river and North of the castle.  Letna is another area which is getting more and more air time.  It’s known for its park – the largest park in the city, high on a hill and overlooking Prague.  Perhaps not the most beautiful park perhaps, but there’s a great beer garden and it has brilliant views.  Walk a little further and you’ll find the Farm – it will seem like you’re in the middle of no where but then suddenly you’ll understand where everyone is: having brunch here.  I love it.

The Farm Letna, Prague

Be warned: during the weekend this place is heaving.  The staff look slightly harassed but remain friendly.  So it can take time to get served but they do their best.  They offer juices based on the vegetables and fruit they have in stock, mine was with carrot, ginger and celery.  Delicious.  Their waffles are meant to be incredible too.

The Farm Letna, Prague

Other foodie places worth visiting in Letna apparently are Bistro 8 and Bitcoin Coffee.

If you want to add something cultural to you visit, then you must include a visit to the National Museum (about 10 minutes walk from The Farm).  Here you’ll find some of the most unique paintings I’ve ever seen by Alphonse Mucha, a series of 20 canvases portraying the history of the slav people: the ‘Slav Epic’.  They are huge (the largest is 6 by 8 metres) and quite unforgettable.

Mucha Slav Epic

The Farm Letna

Korunova?ní 17, 170 00 Prague

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