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The Churchill Bar, Marylebone

December 22, 2013

Part of the Hyatt Regency Hotel, this is not just a bar you go to for a casual beer (unless perhaps you’re a hotel guest).   It is the perfect date place.  Or at least ‘one on one’ place.  And while you know it’s technically a hotel bar, it doesn’t feel like it.  Because you enter the bar directly from the street, and don’t have to pass reception.

Getting in a Christmassy Mood

The waiters are all very polite and professional.  They usher you to your (booked) table on the terrace.  This is really a must if you go – while the inside bar is lovely, it is the terrace where you want to be.  Especially at Christmas, because they’ve made an extra effort to transform the place into a Winter Den.  And this is the real reason why you’d go.

Expect the softest of furs, warmest of blankets and cosiest of hot water bottles to keep the cold at bay.  There are heaters of course, but the hot water bottles did the trick, and meant we could have sat outside for the whole evening without feeling the cold.  Candles & fairy lights add to the ambience.

Cosying up to the big man himself - Churchill

Cosying up to the big man himself – Churchill

The cocktail menu is what you’d expect it to be – expensive but extensive – with classic choices and some more unique options (including some Winter cocktails).  And very much about gin.  Because that was Churchill’s favourite tipple after all.  Many of the cocktails are based on how he liked his drinks (so expect them pretty punchy).   I liked their special touches on the menu – extracts of Churchill’s letters to Clemmie (his wife), including some of his funny drawings.

Extract of Churchill's letter to his wife

With prices around £15+ per cocktail they could not have been anything less than excellent.  And they were delicious, when they eventually came.  It seemed like either the cocktail maker took his job very seriously or the service was just exceptionally slow.  Either way, we were served yummy olives and small cheese puffs/souffles while we waiting, which was continuously topped up, and that kept us more than happy.

The more than welcome bites!

After two cocktails each we were ready for the next Christmas party.  But not without an espresso.  Which took so long I think they forgot it.  So gave them to us on the house.  And we hadn’t even complained.

The Churchill Bar

Hyatt Regency

Portman Square

London W1H 7BH

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