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The best Brunch places in Rome

March 25, 2016
Coromandel, Rome

Romans don’t really do brunch.  An espresso for €1, standing at the bar perhaps, or a quick pastry on the go.  Brunch is not really a ‘thing’ in Rome, nothing like the craze in London.  But in the past years the city has started adapting to tourists needs and wants, and brunch is right up there.  Still, manage your own expectations as the standard is not near what you’d expect in New York or London.

Here are some of my favourite brunch hangouts in Rome:

LA. VI. LATTERIA & VINERIA for the buffet

Via Tomacelli, 23

Arguably more a lunch than a brunch place, but brilliant for its €20 per person all you can eat brunch.  Ideal if you’re not quite sure what you feel like, as they have everything from pasta to incredible salads, meats and vegetables.  Definitely leave space for pudding, as they have stacks of pancakes, incredible tiramisu and cheesecake.  They have a huge terrace/balcony which is clearly the place to sit when the weather is good (January was a little too cold).  Inside the interiors are attractive, with high ceilings and quirky touches.  Apparently also quite fun for cocktails in the evening.

La. Vi. RomeLa. Vi. Rome


COROMANDEL – for your traditional brunch

Via di Monte Giordano, 60

This is probably you’re best bet if you’re looking for a traditional brunch.  They offer everything from pastries, to pancakes to eggs in all kinds and forms.  However, before you get all excited to see Eggs Benedict on the menu, I’d strongly avoid this option.  They just can’t get it right, trust me.  What they do do very well are juices, coffee and pastries.  The pain au chocolat was fresh and still warm.  The pancakes with berry coulis were simple, but good too (and huge portion). The place itself is very centrally located and cute, a cosy place to start the day.

Coromandel, RomeCoromandel, Rome


ACTIVE NATURAL EATING – for the healthy brunch

Piazza di Pietra, 62

Rome is all about pasta and pizza, and bottles of excellent red wine.  Healthy juices aren’t first on your agenda.  But should you want a health boost, head here.  Here you can enjoy a huge range of juices and smoothies, as well as salads and soups, bowls of fruit and healthy snacks.  It’s well done and a nice place to sit and relax, or grab something for on the go.

Active Natural Eating, Rome


PLATZ GRAND BISTROT – for brunch on a piazza

Piazza Sant’ Eustacio, 54

We came across this place during our wanderings through ‘centro storico’ and I liked the large terrace of the quiet Piazza Sant’ Eustacio.  We had excellent cappuccinos, juices and croissants and enjoyed watching Rome go by.  The interiors are contemporary, and it’s a good place to sit to read the newspapers they offer.  The service is slow, but it was a busy Sunday morning.  I’m not sure about the rest of the food, but if you’re looking for a simple breakfast then it’s perfect.

Platz Grand Bistrot, Rome


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