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Terraza del Pulitzer, Barcelona – DRINK

September 14, 2015
Pulitzer Terrace, Barcelona

There’s something special about roof top bars.  For some reason they tend to have that slightly more exclusive feel to them.   Height has its advantages of course: usually they have views worth seeing, of they offer the perfect place to catch some rays, as well as a breeze.  While hotels do frequently have great roof top bars (the Four Seasons’ Aer bar in Mumbai, the Boundary Rooftop in London and the Peninsula’s Sir Elly’s Terrace in Shanghai are some of my favourites), during European weekend breaks I tend to avoid hotel bars in search of more local places.  But the Pulitzer’s Terraza is an exception.  I’d read about it numerous times and thought it looked fun and attractive, with no airs or graces as hotels can have.

Terraza del Pulitzer, Barcelona

Terraza del Pulitzer is one of those places where your mood lifts when you arrive.  Yes its busy, but not heaving.  Loud, but not noisy.  Full enough to create a vibe, with lots of locals to give it that all important authentic feel.  In fact, I don’t think I heard a word of English (apart from from the bar man when speaking to us).  We were there on a Friday evening and you could tell everyone was in a good mood; people were unwinding on the dance floor after a long week at work, dancing as only the Spanish can to upbeat music.  People were sipping cocktails, many the ever-popular ‘Gin-Tonic’, and we almost felt part of the local, trendy Catalonian crowd.  Bar the language and the dance moves of course.

Terraza del Pulitzer, Barcelona

You’re not here for the views (below average), but it’s a beautiful, leafy space where you can easily spend the whole day.  It is the ideal place for pre-dinner drinks (their cocktails are fantastic, the prices sadly what you’d expect from a hotel).  We didn’t really want to leave, but dinner was calling (Llamber in El Born).  It was certainly one of my favourite places of the weekend.

Other rooftop bars like La Terrassa at Hotel Villa Emilia and the Sky Bar are apparently also worth going to.

Terraza del Pulitzer

Hotel Pulizter

Calle Bergara, 8
08002 – Barcelona

Open from May to September

Photos Hotel Pulitzer’s own

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