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Kiln, Soho

March 27, 2017
Kiln, Soho

If you haven’t been to Thai BBQ favourite the Smoking Goat, go now.  If you have, and loved it, then you’ll be pleased to read (though you probably already know) that they opened a sister property, called Kiln.  They have got quite a lot in common: they’re in Soho, serve Thai food (mostly with an emphasis on BBQ), are petite in size (though Kiln has got a more seating downstairs) and both offer brisk but friendly service.

Kiln, Soho

But the food is actually very different.  More so than I had expected.  Kiln serves off the beaten track ‘local’ Thai food.  Dishes from small, rural villages.  Even a curry from Myanmar, because not only do Thailand and Myanmar share a (substantial) border, but many Burmese live in Northern Thailand.  So the influence is heavy.  You won’t find a Pad Thai here.  There’s very little use of coconut.

And the food is spicy.  Again, a lot more so than I had expected.  Being greedy I tend to put as much food in my mouth as possible, as quickly as possibly.  Before assessing that it might be hot (in both senses of the word).  So I did spend a lot of my evening downing water (and wine).  I really enjoyed the variation of the dishes, from the lamb & cumin skewer (order one each), to the wild ginger and short rib curry from Burma, to the clay pot baked glass noodles with crab meat.  I also liked the spiced sausage with turmeric, and the stir fried cornish greens and soy.

Kiln, SohoKiln, Soho

We ate downstairs, which I liked surprisingly.  It isn’t a soulless small room where the overflow is forced to sit.  It’s quite dark and fun and cosy.  If you’re a two though, I’d aim for the seats at the stainless steel kitchen bar (i.e the only seats possible upstairs), then you can watch the chefs work away at the open fires.

Kiln, Soho

The place is buzzing, incredibly popular despite it’s fairly recent opening.  Of course you can’t book.  But you can put your name and number down for a table.  And they do really try their best.  Just don’t rock up on a Friday night at 7 and expect to be seated within two hours.  It just won’t happen.

So which do I prefer?  Smoking Goat or Kiln?  It’s hard to say.  If you’re looking for something more adventurous, then Kiln may do it for you.  But I think all in all, Smoking Goat still wins for me.


58 Brewer Street


Photo credit: Kiln

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J Sheekey Atlantic Bar and Terrace, Covent Garden

September 25, 2016

A fairly sweltering September means that my hunt for the best alfresco bars (or bars with decent terraces) for post work drinks has continued.  Bronte (my regular), is a big favourite of mine in Central London.  It has a large terrace, a decent bar menu and there’s always a table free.  But apart from that it’s always quite tricky to find a relaxed terrace in Covent Garden or Soho. Further North I have more luck; in Fitzrovia Foley’s has a cool alfresco bar (but with very limited seats), Percy & Founders has a large outside seating area, and Charlotte street offers many restaurants with small terraces ideal for drinks in the sun (the big favourite being the Charlotte Street hotel).  So when Grace Dent wrote a rave review about J Sheekey launching their new Atlantic Bar & Terrace (a revamp from their old Oyster Bar), located in the West End, I thought I’d check it out.

J Sheekey Atlantic Bar & Terrace, West End

London’s West End is known to be very busy and very touristy, and the immediate area around Leicester Square is not necessarily a place I spend much time.  J Sheekey is right in the thick of theatre-land, tucked away down a little alley way.  It looks pretty old school.  I mean, J Sheeky has been around for decades.  But you can tell that it’s terrace has had a bit of make over; with bright colours and comfy red chairs it looks fresh and welcoming.  And it’s prime people watching territory too (not long after we spotted Ian McKellan smoking a cigarette around the corner).  I also loved its new menu with artwork by my favourite Quentin Blake.

Quentin Blake

You can’t just drink here, you need to order some food.  But with a mouth-watering fish-heavy menu, that’s not exactly a problem.  We ordered the sea bass ceviche and the tuna and avocado tartare, both excellent.  The wine list is decent, though it’s easy to leave here with a fairly large bill (a glass of wine and one dish each set us back close to £25 each).

J Sheekey Atlantic Bar & Terrace, West End

In short, if you’re looking for a pre-theatre or cinema place for an alfresco drink and a quick bite, this is the place for you.  Alternatively, you can of course just stay here for a proper fishy dinner – there’s a reason why this place has been around for so long, the food is great and the service is too.

J Sheekey Atlantic Bar & Terrace

33-35 St Martin’s Court,

London WC2N 4AL

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Flat Iron, Covent Garden & Soho

September 25, 2016
Flat Iron, Covent Garden

Flat Iron is not exactly new to the London dining scene, and its original Beak Street restaurant is a bit of a Soho institution. Known for excellent steak and excellent value, Flat Iron has been popular from the outset.  I had heard about the long queues of patient fans, who, because of the typical Soho no-booking policy, were more than happy to wait in line for a juicy steak for a tenner.

I don’t have the patience for long queues, and so, when the newest (and by far the largest) Flat Iron opened on Henrietta Street (December 2015), around the corner from where I work, my interest was renewed.  Taking colleagues out to lunch posed as the perfect opportunity to try this place, and we were all very impressed.

The menu is short & simple, and their signature Flat Iron steak for £10 is what you should order.  Yes, they had specials (a burger in our case), but I’d seen the beautifully pink sliced steaks come by and knew what I wanted.  It comes with a side salad, though you can of course order triple cooked chips, or other vegetables with it.  They also offer sauces (£1) – from an excellent Bearnaise to the creamy horseradish I went for.  The steaks came quickly, were perfectly cooked, and tasted divine.  Lunch was all over in under 45 minutes.

To top it off they offer a complimentary salted caramel ice cream upon departure.  The ice cream was almost (almost) better than the steak.

With friendly staff, attractive interiors and incredible value, I can completely understand the appeal.  The bonus of the Henrietta Street restaurant is that it is large enough to head there for lunch without queues.  I shall definitely be returning for dinner…

Flat Iron

17/18 Henrietta Street

Covent Garden

With other restaurants in Soho on 17 Beak Street and 9 Denmark Street

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Casita Andina, Soho

August 9, 2016
Casita Andina, Soho

Clever clever Martin Morales.  Introducing affordable (and delicious) Peruvian food to London (Ceviche)?  Check.  Expanding into Shoreditch with a focus on the Peruvian Andres (Andina)?  Check.  And now, the last master stroke: opening a completely gluten free, super healthy (but still Peruvian) new restaurant in Soho.   Enter Casita Andina.  Andina’s little sister restaurant but with an increased focus on health, without of course sacrificing on taste.

I went for the soft launch last week, at lunch time.  The staff were clearly still a little confused with what was going on.  One lovely girl didn’t really understand the menu, as hard as she tried.  I got a call from the reservations team twice after I had left, asking me if I was still coming for lunch.  But this is all completely forgiven because a) it’s a soft opening, so these problems are inevitable, b) the food makes up for it all.

Casita Andina, Soho

They offer a great lunch time deal: two plates for £10.  I suggest if you’re dining with someone (which I hope you are), that you choose four different dishes between you.  One of the ceviche dishes (I’d go with the classic) is an obvious must.  Super delicious.  We also had the croquettas with a twist (pork and liver, with chilli jam) – unusual and surprisingly moorish.  From the hot plates we chose the Salmon Scabeche (perfect, and I love the sweet potato with it) and the Aji de Gallini (chicken with botija olive and a quails egg).  I’d never had chicken quite like it, it looked almost like scrambled eggs (without wanting to put you off) but was delicious, if not for everyone.

Casita Andina, Soho

The place itself is super cute, great location, small but with so much charm.  The Peruvian theme is of course very apparent, like at Andina, but without it being too naff.

The perfect lunch place, if not light dinner option.  I shall return.

Casita Andina

31 Great Windmill St,

London W1D 7LP

Photo credit: Casita Andina

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The Barbary, Soho

June 20, 2016
The Barbary, Soho

I haven’t had been out for dinner in London for a while, and so perhaps that’s why I may have appreciated the Barbary even more than usual.

The place is tiny but so atmospheric. There are no tables, just one large kitchen bar, with 24 seats around it. The focal point is clearly the kitchen, where chefs cheerfully work away at creating beautiful, mostly grilled, dishes from Jerusalem and the Barbary Coast. I’d never heard of the Barbary coast (also known as the Berber coast), but it’s the coast off Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya. So expect a mixture of flavours from the Middle East and North Africa.

I was expecting a long wait, as this is no normal restaurant opening. The Barbary is the little brother of one of my all time favourite London restaurants: The Palomar.  But we only waited about 15 minutes, with a glass of rouge from the Languedoc (they have a range of European wines on offer) and a delicious lamb/pork mince in a grilled pitta with humous.

The Barbary, Soho

After 10 minutes the waitress suddenly bounded up to us with a bottle and three shot glasses.  ‘Sorry for the wait, guys’, she said, ‘this should ease the pain’.  And poured us all, her included, a shot of limoncello-esque liqueur.  Later we observed the whole restaurant, chefs included, do another shot.  It clearly contributed to the lively vibe.

Like The Palomar, the menu offers a range of small sharing plates.  We opted for the Naan e Barbari (mouth wateringly delicious),  a wonderful smokey Baba Ganoush, the Pata Negra Neck (such succulent meat), the grilled prawns (huge and juicy, but sadly just two of them), the Cauliflower Jaffa style (possibly my favourite dish) and the Kholrabi, Rocket and Peas, with feta sumac vinaigrette (super fresh and light).  Last we ordered the Jerusalem Bagel which was also excellent, and good to soak up all the juices and sauces (though only order if you love sesame seeds).

The Barbary, SohoThe Barbary, Soho
The price easily adds up, and it’s hard not to be greedy.  But the food is very filling, so be warned – there is no need to order more than 8 dishes.

This truly is the perfect Thursday night place, it gets you in the mood for the weekend, makes you forget work stress and more than satisfies your hunger (and tastebuds).  Go now before the word properly spreads.

The Barbary

16 Neal’s Yard

London WC2H 9DP

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The Vault, Soho – a hidden speakeasy-style bar

December 7, 2015
The Vault of Soho, Milroys

I used to struggle with bars in Soho, and would usually end up in China Town at places like the Experimental Cocktail Club or Opium.  Now, I suddenly feel like Soho has a whole array of watering holes, not just grimy pubs.  For those who have a sweet tooth you’ve got Basement Sate (serving cocktails and desert), if you like a themed bar you’ve got the newly opened Mr Fogg’s Tavern.  Those in favour of a Hazelnut Espresso Martini accompanied by crispy lamb testicles (!), then Les Couilles de Chien is for you.

But if you like a secret, hidden bar.  A bar behind a book case, in London’s oldest Whisky shop.  Then the Vault of Soho is your bar.  It’s a cosy, dark, intimate space and it’s in the perfect location on Greek Street.  Except tourists who don’t know about it won’t find it, which is definitely another plus.   The best bit is of course strolling into Milroy’s like you know where you’re going (but don’t) and then successfully finding ‘that’ bookcase at the back of the room.  There is something distinctly thrilling about pushing open the door and walking down the stairs into the Vault.

The Vault of Soho, Milroys

If there’s just two of you, sit by the bar.  The bar men are super friendly and can concoct whatever cocktail you fancy (I recommend their Espresso Martini).  Or if you just want a vodka, soda and lime, they’re more than happy to make that for you too.  If you get hungry then they have some bar snacks (the sharing platters are large and good value, but not particularly outstanding).   They also take table bookings if you’re in a larger group (definitely worth doing if so as there are few tables).

The Vault of Soho, Milroys

After drinks here head to Bo Drake, or 10 Greek Street for dinner (to name but a few fantastic restaurants a minute’s walk away).  And you can always pop back in afterwards.

The Vault of Soho


3 Greek Street


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10 Greek Street, Soho

December 6, 2015
10 Greek Street, Soho

I’ve spent a lot of time on Greek Street in Soho recently: dining at the excellent Korean grill Bo Drake, drinks at hidden bar the Vault under Milroys and now – finally – having dinner at 10 Greek Street.

I’ve been wanting to go for so long but have been put off by long queues and rumours of how difficult it is to get a table.  But this should not deter you, because, like other popular establishments like Palomar, they’ll take your name and number and give you a call when a table’s available.  So you can grab a cocktail at the Vault a few doors down, or grab a glass of wine at the new Les Couilles de Chien bar (translation: Dog’s bollocks) at Arbutus around the corner on Frith Street.

10 Greek Street, Soho

10 Greek Street is small, with just 30 covers.  It offers a simple but inviting dining room, with menus scribbled on large blackboards.  It has an open kitchen which adds to the lively atmosphere.   It is the perfect place for a date or to come to with a group of friends, like I did.  The menu changes daily and delighted us with a generous array of healthy options.  Lots of fish, pulses, grains and my favourite orange foods (sweet potatoes/pumpkin/squash).  It was Thanksgiving so that might explain the abundance of pumpkin (the burrata and roasted pumpkin was sublime).

We order a selection of small and large plates and shared everything between the four of us.  Our favourite was beyond any doubt the artichoke tart with truffle shavings and rocket.  Exquisite and almost too good to share.   The langoustines with a light fennel salad were full of flavour, but I always find it more effort than its worth trying to get the (little) meat from the shell.  The butterflied red snapper was delicious and zesty, the sea bass with cauliflower, pomegranate and large couscous had a hint of the Middle East and I really enjoyed it.

10 Greek Street, Soho10 Greek Street, Soho10 Greek Street, Soho

Puddings were equally delightful.  The chocolate tart with pear was finished within seconds, and the warm tart tartin was phenomenal with ice cream.  We drank three bottles of wine, trying three different ones with the Bordeaux winning for me, though the others liked the lighter Pinot Noir.

10 Greek Street, Soho10 Greek Street, Soho

We had a fun, long dinner and there wasn’t a dish we didn’t enjoy.  The staff were friendly, attentive and gave us good recommendations.  It fully lived up to my expectations and is worth returning to, regardless of the wait for a table.

10 Greek Street


Photo credit: 10 Greek Street and my Instagram

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The Blind Pig – Soho’s slickest cocktail bar

November 7, 2015
Blind Pig, Soho

This bar is always full.  Which is impressive considering that it isn’t particularly obvious from street level that it even exists (bar the blindfolded pig door knocker).  Then again, it isn’t perhaps that surprising, since it’s part of (and above) Jason Atherton’s Social Eating House (one of my favourite restaurants in London).

Still, it’s taken me a number of years to finally have a drink here.  I’ve been turned away a couple of times (‘or you can wait for 20 – 30 minutes, madam’ – no thanks), but late one recent Saturday evening we managed to get two places by the bar.  Which is fun because you can see the cocktail shakers hard at work, and observe the mad skills they have.

Blind Pig, SohoBlind Pig, Soho

I’d admittedly had quite a few drinks already by the time we had our first cocktail here.  But damn they’re good.   I had the ‘Ginger Spice’, a vodka cocktail with ginger juice, carrot, lemon and honey (it’s funny how I still try and convince myself that adding some kind of vegetable to my drink justifies the quantity of sugar that it accompanies).  Rob had a Negroni.  We had fun chatting to one of the bar men, and I tried to persuade him to add ‘Skinny Bitch’ (vodka, soda and fresh lime) to the cocktail list (he made us the best one I’ve had).

Blind Pig, SohoBlind Pig, Soho

The Blind Pig is a dimly-lit, seductive bar, where the cocktails are inventive and delicious and where the upbeat vibe is infectious.  It is definitely worth the wait.  And if you get hungry, the delightful Social Eating House is just a flight of stairs away.

The Bling Pig

58 Poland St,

London W1F 7NS

Photo credit: The Blind Pig

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Bo Drake – A Korean BBQ Smokehouse in Soho

November 7, 2015
Bo Drake, SOho

There are some streets in London – and unsurprisingly a number of these tend to be in Soho – where practically every restaurant and bar you walk past are on your ‘to do’ list.  Greek Street is one of them.

I love Balls & Company.  I am still desperate to go to 10 Greek Street, but am too impatient to queue (which seem inevitable here).  I recently discovered that Milroys of Soho has a hidden cocktail bar called the Vault.  These are all reasons to head to Greek Street.  And then there’s Bo Drake, the minimalist Korean Smokehouse, which looks as appealing as the rest do and which we found was the perfect Saturday night date place (fun, affordable and easy).

Bo Drake, Soho

Firstly, you can book.  But if you’ve not planned ahead you can also just walk in, and perhaps squeeze in at the long wooden communal table/bar, like we did.  The menu is very appealing, if you like Korean food and barbecued meat.  This is not really for the vegetarians out there.

Bo Drake, Soho

These dishes are all about punchy flavours.  I loved their Duck Bao, the meat incredibly juicy and full of flavour.  Their sweet potato fries with kimchi mayonnaise were phenomenal.  The Bo Ssam (smoked pulled pork, with kimchi and spring onions) was delicious, and we devoured their ‘KFC’ (photo above).  But I found their Smoked Aubergine a little disappointing, as I think I was expecting something similar to the aubergines at Shackfuyu (which are out of this world), and found them a bit bland.

Bo Drake, Soho

We made two mistakes: we didn’t order the Smoked Beef Stack or the Smoked Bobo Chicken.  The couple opposite us, clearly regulars here as they walked in a reeled off a list of plates straight away, did.  So there was a moment after dinner, when we were eyeing up the desert (the soft serve ice cream is meant to be amazing) and the cocktails, that we almost ordered the Beef Ribs.  But then refrained.

Bo Drake, Soho

Drinks wise, we opted for a bottle of their house wine, but they also have a very affordable cocktail list (£8) and some good beer options too.

Bo Drake, Soho

If you like the sound of this, you may also like aforementioned Shackfuyu, which is literally around the corner on Old Compton Street.  And if you need a place for post dinner drinks, then try the Vault (blog to follow) or Mr Fogg’s Tavern, or the Blind Pig.  No need to walk far when you’re on Greek Street.

Bo Drake

6 Greek St,

London W1 4DE


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Balls & Company, Soho

July 3, 2015

London loves a themed restaurant. Whether it be hot dogs or lobster, circus or sex shop, the appeal is there.  As of last week it’s time to make some space for a new theme: Balls.  Meatballs to be correct, though not your usual cheap beef mince ones.  And actually not necessarily meat at all.

The Australian chef Bonnie Porter has set up shop on the wonderful Greek Street, where every restaurant you pass is (or should be) on your ‘must go’ list (Bo Drake/10 Greek Street/Bibimbap).  Unsurprisingly it’s a small space, though there is an (even smaller) downstairs with a cute bar.

Balls & Company, Soho

The menu is straight forward: you have a choice of five types of balls (£8 for four), which come with five different sauces, served in pretty copper pans.  There are the delicious confit salmon balls with dill, or the quinoa, beetroot and feta balls (yup – meat free). Or there are the pork, romanesco & aioli balls (my fave). And for those who like their meatballs as close as possible to the original, there are the (far superior to normal) Wagyu beef balls. Something for everyone: from the veggie to the health-focused to the meat lover.

The sauces apparently can go with any of the balls. We still found it a touch tricky choosing which went with what. The tomato is a safe bet with all of them, I thought the pesto went well with the salmon (David disagreed), the Romanesco sauce is a match made in heaven with the pork meatballs.

Balls & Company, Soho

Sides are thick cut chips, or salad or mash. But really if you go for the quinoa with a more meaty option you don’t really need sides. The meatballs and sauce alone are really filling.

And then you have desert, which I never skip. David, being a Latino, insisted on the Tres Leche, which I would never have chosen (purely due to my ignorance) and it was the best thing ever (see photo below).  I went for the chocolate brownie, which sounds boring but it wasn’t as it was topped with icecream and candy floss.  Lots of different flavours and textures and the whole thing was a massive treat.

Balls & Company, Soho

Prices are super reasonable, even without the 50% off food for their soft launch (which was last week).  A glass of their Nero D’Avola is £4 and they are fairly big glasses.  Their Macchiatos were also delicious.

I’m pretty sure this is going to be a success story, and you’ll certainly have a ball of a time there (sorry, couldn’t resist).

Balls & Company

58 Greek Street Soho London W1D 3DY

Photos are Balls & Company’s and the Instagram one is mine.

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Morden & Lea, Soho

June 26, 2015
Morden & Lea, Soho

Mark Sargey has a lot on his plate. Already owning two restaurants in Kent, as well as being ‘Executive’ Chef at the Strand Dining Rooms, he opened his third restaurant in the heart of Soho last week.  And it certainly did not disappoint.

Morden and Lea, on bustling Wardour street, is divided in two. Upstairs is the more refined of the two: a brasserie with a fixed price menu (2 courses for £28, 3 for £35), with a very British menu.  Great value considering the quality.

Morden & lea, Soho


The ground floor, with its slick and en trend decor, is their more casual wine bar/restaurant which serves small plates and sharing platters, as well as a good range of Old World wines (their Nero D’Avola – if you like rich Sicilian wines – was really good).

On Tuesday I went with a friend who’s into his gourmet food, to take on some small plates and to talk travel.  We were pretty much the only people there – but that’s clearly because it’s new and most people don’t know about it yet (they will soon) – rather than because it’s unappealing. It did mean we had the waiter to ourselves and there was very little waiting around for food.

Morden & lea, SohoWe tried pretty much everything on the menu: a range of tartines and a number of small plates. And two deserts to finish.

Apart from the mackerel, which we decided was a bit ‘I-can-make-this-at-home’, everything we ordered was delicious.

Stand out plate:
The crab sausage roll. Wouldn’t normally be my dish of choice but I was intrigued by the crab addition. It was incredible. There has already been quite a social media stir about these moorish items, so go try them and put your version on Instagram/Twitter (or just enjoy them). #crabsausageroll

Morden & Lea, Soho
I also really enjoyed the broadbean, pea and peccorino tartine and the goats curd. The sourdough bread was super fresh and delicious (ideal for dipping in the Aubergine puree).

Pudding was another highlight. Intending on sharing one we of course ordered two, as choosing between chocolate and buttermilk was just plain impossible. The chocolate ganache had the most incredible texture, creamy and thick but with a nutty crunch.  The buttermilk pudding was similar to a Pannacotta (my favourite desert of all time) and I loved the berry compot with it.

In short: Mark Sargey has nailed it. I like restaurants which give you the option to book if you want as well as the option to walk in and grab a quick bite if you prefer. And that’s rare in London these days, especially in Soho.

Morden & Lea

17 Wardour Street, London W1

Photos Morden & Lea’s and my own

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Bar Termini, Soho

December 15, 2014

A small blog for a small place.  But definitely worth writing about, as it’s very cute and charming, even at 11am on a Saturday morning.

Why I liked it:

1)      It reminds me of Italy 

The main station in Rome is called Termini, and this very Italian establishment, clearly done up in a ‘railway bar’ style (I love the suitcases tucked away above the sofa), takes me straight back to Italy.  It also helped that one of the waiters was Italian.  And charming.

Bar Termini, Soho

Bar Termini, Soho

Bar Termini, Soho

2)      It serves excellent coffee.

In the morning it’s very much a café – serving (seriously strong) knock out coffees.  Their Bianco (Cappuccino) was punchy, but those who appreciate good coffee with appreciate this.   And if you fancy a quick Espresso shot by the bar, it’s only £1. They offer fresh pastries from L’Anima Café in Shoreditch to accompany the coffee.  Marco Arrigo is in charge of the coffee, and has collaborated with Tony Conigliaro to set this bar up (see point 3).

Bar Termini, Soho

Bar Termini, Soho

3)      AND cocktails. 

As per point 2, Marco Arrigo has joined up with Tony Conigliaro (from the Zetter Townhouse) to set up Bar Termini.  Tony is in charge of the cocktails and the ‘aperitivo’ side of the bar.  Cocktails start at a very reasonable £6.50 (the Negronis) and they start serving alcohol from 11am onwards, so ideal for these festive days when drinking throughout the day is perfectly acceptable.  If you feel like a nibble then they also serve Italian small plates (it is aperitivo after all); the mini panini is a bargain at £1 (it is really mini though).

Bar Termini, Soho 

4)      The service.

As this place is truly tiny (30 covers at most), it is all a rather intimate affair.  The baristas/cocktail shakers were professional and friendly.  They serve water upon arrival.  And I like their outfits.

Bar Termini, Soho

Get there early if you’re coming for aperitivo, though you can just hang out by the bar if it’s busy.   Or pop by for a coffee to wake you up.  Just don’t miss this little slice of Italy in the midst of bustling Soho.

Bar Termini

7 Old Compton Street

07860 945018

Photos my own and Bar Termini’s

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