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Who Loves You, Chelsea – For healthy brunching and juicing

February 8, 2016
Who loves you, Chelsea

I’m always on the search for healthy cafes in London, preferably not too far from South West London (where I live).  And so when I came across Who Loves you through Instagram, I got a little excited.  Located on the Kings Road (but more towards Parsons Green than Sloane Square), the name may have been a little off putting but the menu certainly wasn’t. And it was a half an hour stroll from home, so ideal.  While it’s new to the Kings Road, Who Loves You used to be the cafe at the excellent (and hip) pay-as-you-gym Core Collective (if you haven’t done one of their classes, I highly recommend it), off High Street Kensington.  And now they’ve set up by themselves.

The place did far from disappoint. The interiors are what you’d expect from a healthy ‘on trend’ cafe: lots of wood, light and green plants. It’s cosy and ideal for a post work out brunch, or a catch up with friends. They have a whole range of juices and smoothies, where you can avoid fruit if you want and just get a full on vegetable/super food fix in a few quick gulps.

Who Loves you cafe, Chelsea

The Brunch menu is right up my street: blueberry waffles with almond butter and fruit coulee? Check. A Goodness Bowl with quinoa, avocado, kale and poached eggs? Check. Chia puddings in all its wonderful variations (and also the option of a chia omelette)?  Check. The list of appealing options continues. And it’s all reasonably priced too.  So we like that.  A lot.

Who Loves you cafe, Chelsea

In short, if you want to continue all the good you did to your body in healthy January, head here. I promise you it’s yummy as well as healthy.

For more healthy options, check out these blogs here and here.

Who Loves You

517 Kings Road


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My favourite spots in London for healthy eating

January 10, 2016

Yes, January has come round quickly.  Last year I wrote about my favourite eight healthy places in London (see here), and some have made a re-appearance in this blog on 2016.  But there are also new ones which made the cut:

Ethos – the vegetarian buffet option

I’m not usually a fan of vegetarian restaurants, especially not ones which have a help yourself buffet and where you pay for the food by its weight.  But Ethos – with it’s cool Scandi design, large range of seriously delicious dishes (warm and cold, all gluten free) was a definite hit with me.  During the week they serve breakfast/brunch (avocado on toast/pancakes/scrambled eggs) and it’s a shame they don’t offer this on the weekend, but my Saturday lunch there was sublime (highlight: the zucchini and cheddar fritters).  Watch out how much you pile on your plate though, it can add up quite quickly.

Ethos, Oxford Circus

Farm Girl – the trendy Notting Hill hot spot

Just off Portobello Road, this hidden away gem, with stunning design (still loving their dark green tiles), offers the ideal healthy brunch.  THeir berry pancakes are the dream, everyone raves about their BLT (expect smoked coconut is used instead of bacon), and you may catch a glimpse of the live in and adorable grey French Bulldog. While the service can be a bit haphazard, I think the food and atmosphere make up for it.

Farm Girl, Notting Hill

Little H – my trusted local

I love everything about Little H, from its quirky California-esque design, to its well-priced cold-pressed juices (£3.90 for a small, which isn’t that small) and delicious chia pots.  Even if it’s raining outside, stepping into this tiny space, with its friendly service and array of (healthy) delights on the counter, will cheer you up any day.  If you need something more substantial, you’ve got big sister Hally’s across the road, which also never lets you down.

Little H - Parsons Green

Andina – for a South American twist

Ceviche’s sister restaurant in East London but not be your obvious choice, but here they offer South American food with a healthy twist.  Expect lots of quinoa, super foods (the first time I tried Lucama was here), cold-pressed juices and more. For breakfast they offer ‘safe’ healthy options like avocados and eggs on sourdough, but you can also try their more original Huevos Q’apachana (poached eggs with spicy potato puree, spinach and mushrooms).


Snaps & Rye and Lundenwic – for your healthy Scandi fix

Both Snaps & Rye (Golborne Road) and Lundenwic (Covent Garden) are great options for healthy but delicious breakfasts and lunches.  While Lundenwic does a wonderful porridge for breakfast, and hearty soups, cold-pressed juices and good sandwiches for lunch, at Snaps & Rye you should really try their ‘smorrebrod’ offerings with fresh herring or cured salmon.  Superb.

Snaps & Rye, Notting Hill

Tanya’s Cafe – for the superfood cocktails

OK so being healthy doesn’t necessarily mean cutting out alcohol all together (I am not partaking in Dry January).  At Tanya’s Cafe you can have the best of both worlds: delicious, fresh, raw food and superfood cocktails.  My favourite was the combination of one of their raw cheesecakes (to die for) and one of their sugar free cocktails.

Tanya's Cafe, Chelsea

Good Life Eatery – the original healthy cafe

Having started in South ken, you can also find the Good Life Eatery in Marylebone, and news is that they will soon be opening in Belgravia.  Which is good news for everyone, because this cosy (if pricey) cafe offers your perfect healthy options.  I love their gluten free scones and brownies, and their juices are delicious too.

Good life Eatery

Apart from the above, the Detox Kitchen (who have just opened a new branch in Kingly Court), Nama, Crussh and Juice Baby are all great alternatives.

With all these options there’s no excuse not to at least try and be healthy this month!

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Pluk, Amsterdam – for the perfect healthy brunch

September 26, 2015
Pluk, Amsterdam

Pluk is one of those places which draws you in off the street.  A place so photogenic it will send the most expert of Instagrammers into a tizzy.  It looks good from every angle, with huge windows allowing lots of light in, bright white walls, vases spilling with beautiful flowers, and huge crates and baskets laden with fruit and vegetables.  It’s feminine and pretty, and makes you want to recreate the whole place at home.  It is exactly my kind of place, and possibly – dare I say it – one of my favourite cafes in Amsterdam.

Pluk, Amsterdam

So what is it?  It’s the place to come for a healthy brunch, but it’s also ideal for a take away sandwich, salad, coffee or juice (they have so many options).  Having been going through a health craze for close to two years, I’ve visited as many healthy cafes and restaurants in London as possible, and have always thought Amsterdam was fairly disappointing on that front.  But slowly but surely the health craze has reached Amsterdam, which is now reflected in the cafes, juice bars and restaurants which have opened in the past few year or two.  I love places like Lavinia’s, Dr Blend, Vinnie’s Deli and now Pluk.

Pluk, AmsterdamPluk, Amsterdam

Pluk seems to have really nailed it though.  With seating upstairs on the mezzanine level overlooking the cafe, you can easily spend your whole morning here, watching people come in and out.  Have an energy booster shot to start, and work your way though salmon salads, cold-pressed juices and delicious coffees.

Pluk, AmsterdamPluk, Amsterdam

It also sells pottery and trinkets, reminding me a little of Anthropologie.  And apart from that, it is in the heart of the ‘Nine Streets’, Amsterdam’s cutest little streets crossing the main ‘royal’ canals in the centre of town.  These streets are perfect for a weekend stroll, with so many great shops and other cafes and bars.  Pluk’s sister property Ree7, is a few doors down and looks just as inviting, with perhaps a slightly trendier, more masculine feel to it.  It’s another one of Amsterdam’s most popular brunch hangouts though, and is most definitely next on my list.

Pluk, Amsterdam

Pluk Amsterdam

Reestraat 19

1016 DM Amsterdam

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Dr Blend, Amsterdam – for the best cold-pressed juices

June 14, 2015
Dr Blend

Dr Blend is a delightful Juice Bar as well as health store, on one of Amsterdam’s prettiest canals.  They offer juices the colour of the rainbow – tonnes of healthy green mixes (I loved the sound of Dr Brockiwi – with kiwi and broccoli) but in the end I went for Dr Red (I can’t get enough of beetroot).   There is a small seating area from where you can admire the shelves of blenders and packets of quinoa, seeds and powders which gets me excited (but I am well aware this may not be everyones’ thing).  We saw sandwiches laden with smashed avocados go by, as well as delicious smelling soups and organic muffins.  Ideal if you’re looking for a healthy stop.

Dr Blend

Dr Blend

Herenstraat 23, 1015 BZ


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Fulham Discovered: Brunch – updated

March 31, 2013

Having lived in Fulham for the past six years, I’ve seen the area transform into the ideal place for a relaxed but lively weekend brunch.

Below are my favourites, some new, some old: 

St Clements £/££

201 New King’s Rd

A short walk from Parsons Green you’ll find St Clements, a small, cosy cafe which is perfect for brunch or lunch.  It opened in 2014, and since then I’ve been back multiple times for their excellent corn fritters with chorizo and avocado.  They’re also known for their coffee (which is fantastic).  On a sunny day I love sitting on their spacious terrace which faces Eelbrook Common.  Read my full review here.

St Clements, Parsons Green

Manuka Kitchen £/££

510 Fulham Road

Possibly one of Fulham’s most ‘famous’ brunch venues (along with Hally’s, of course), Manuka Kitchen is up there with one of my favourites.  For those who don’t know – Manuka is a type of honey (the healthy, organic type).  But despite this, not all their dishes contain Manuka, so honey-haters don’t despair.  The place itself is very simple, wooden tables, some bric-a-brac chairs, an open kitchen.   Their Full English Breakfast is one of the best I’ve had – with all the trimmings but without all the grease.  Their French Toast with roasted banana, bacon and maple syrup is delicious too.  They now also have a gin bar downstairs (510 Below) and opened Salt & Honey in Bayswater (which I recommend both for brunch and dinner).

Manuka Kitchen, FUlham

Megan’s Deli and Restaurant ££

571 King’s Road, London SW6 2EB

Perhaps Fulham’s ‘Grand Dame’ of brunch, Megan’s is one of the originals in Fulham.  I love strolling down the New King’s Road and seeing the cheerful blue sign hanging outside.   It’s often totally full upstairs so I usually end up downstairs, depending on the weather either outside on their ‘garden terrace’ or inside at one of their cosy wooden tables.  You’re welcomed by a mouth-watering array of cakes and pastries by the main entrance and downstairs by huge plates of various salads and organic delicious quiches.  The staff (many cheerful Italians) are charming and add to the brunch experience.  You can can have dinner here, never tried, but meant to be good.  But I think Brunch beats all.

Megan's, Fulham

Hally’s & Little H ££

60 New King’s Road

This wonderful Parson’s Green duo have been rocking it since the day they opened. Hally’s, the larger flagship cafe, opened first in 2013 and Little H followed a year or so later.  Both offer excellent brunches, with Little H more focused on healthy ‘Cali-style’ food and juices.  Hally’s is especially wonderful when the weather is good, and its doors open up completely.  The food is great, as are their cakes and pastries and it’s easy to see why this is a favourite amongst all locals (but therefore always very full).  Full review here.

Hally's Parsons Green

Chairs & Coffee £

512 Fulham Road

I’m not quite sure why this place gets overlooked, perhaps because it’s right next to Manuka Kitchen (see above) or maybe people think the chairs hanging from the walls are a little odd (they are, to be fair!).  But Chairs & Coffee certainly stands its own ground when it comes to brunch.  Firstly the menu is very good value, with few dishes over £7.   Secondly, the food (and coffee) is really good.  They do a variation of avocado on sourdough toast, or scrambled eggs with various toppings (mushrooms / chorizo / gorgonzola / bacon / smoked salmon).  Their banana bread is meant to be out of this world (the Canadian version sounds incredible), so I’ll be back for this.  They also offer a number of freshly made juices, their Green Juice being my favourite.

Chairs and Coffee, Fulham

Shot Espresso £/££

11 Jerdan Place

Not necessarily a brunch place per se, but absolutely one of the best places to grab a coffee and a croissant on the go en route to Fulham Broadway.  Or, if there’s a table free in this tiny establishment, definitely grab a seat, because it’s so cosy there and the staff are all super friendly.  In the evening is becomes more like an Italian Aperitivo bar, with Aperol Spritzes and wine (and Espressos, of course).  Right opposite Shot you’ll find Slice & Ice, which they opened a year or so after Shot.  Here they service pizza and ice cream (surprise surprise) and on warm summer evenings their two little ‘terraces’ almost meet.  Their newest venue is Bistro by Shot, which serves a good brunch too.  But my go-to is Shot Espresso.

Shot Espresso, FUlham Broadway

Megan's, Fulham

Del’Aziz ££

24-32 Vanston Place, London SW6 1AX

Tucked behind Fulham Broadway on Vanston Place, the first time I walked passed it (a good five years ago) I peered in and was surprised to see a table with the hugest range of cakes and a rustic laid-back attire.  Not something you’d expect from a North African restaurant chain.  It is actually a half ‘cafe’/’deli’/’bakery’ and half North African restaurant.  You can reserve for the restaurant, but not for the deli.  Understandable the deli is always packed; huge wooden tables filled with cheerful people.  Peak-times means it is chock-a-block which often means delayed service in the deli area.   The brunch menu is extensive, with all the usuals and lots of freshly squeezed juices (I enjoyed my beetroot and apple one).

Del Aziz, Fulham - photo form

Other recent openings are the Retro Cafe (excellent value, 225 Munster Road), Local Hero (Fulham Road) and Hangar SW6  (a steak restaurant which also offers brunch, Fulham Broadway).

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