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Megan’s by the Green, Fulham

July 18, 2018
Megan's by the Green

I’ve always loved the Megan’s on the Kings Road, the ideal place for brunch (read more about it here) or a relaxed dinner.  So when Megan’s by the Green opened last year I was delighted, as it was even closer to home.

Megan’s by the Green is in the perfect location, right by the Green, opposite the Tube station.  It’s very welcoming and I often see passers by looking in through the huge open windows.  Their ceiling covered in roses also makes it very eye catching. Especially now in this incredible sunny weather, there’s no better place to come for brunch/lunch or dinner, though in the winter it has a very cosy, intimate feel to it.

Megan's by the Green, FulhamMegans by the Green, Fulham

Last weekend I came here for dinner and sat by the huge open windows in the breeze, enjoying a bottle of their lovely pale rosé (£30 a bottle).  I couldn’t think of a better way to spend my Saturday evening.

Megans by the Green, Fulham

I have to say I love their menu, with so many healthy but filling options.  They have an all day brunch menu which is fantastic (their shakshouka eggs are my favourite) and for their evening menu they offer a range of sharing boards and starters, as well as healthy ‘bowls’, grills and pizzas.

To start with we shared the ‘gambas pil pil‘, which came sizzling in a pan cooked in chilli and garlic and served with fresh bread.  Delicious.   For mains I had the ‘posh lamb doner‘ (one of their ‘open kebabs’).  I’m a sucker for lamb and it was a real treat, especially because I don’t eat meat that much during the week anymore.  I had some grilled cauliflower to go with it.  The photo below does not do it any justice, it was incredible.

Megans by the Green, Fulham

Rob had one of the ‘deconstructed pan kebabs‘, the chilli chicken one with extra halloumi on top.  He also loved it., especially because the tomato sauce adds such a nice freshness to it.

Megans by the Green, Fulham

Pudding cannot be skipped (though having said that, last weekend we did as we were so full).  But their half baked cookie is one of the best puddings I’ve eaten.

I think the beauty of Megan’s is the variation of the food they offer, and the price point.  Depending on how much you feel like drinking, food wise one of their kebabs costs on average about £12, which is a total bargain, especially for Parson’s Green.  This coupled with the relaxed but upbeat vibe of the place makes it the perfect place to come with friends or on a date.

It’s easy to see why it’s always full, so I would recommend booking ahead.  And good news is that they have now just opened their third restaurant, this one is in Balham.  I can’t wait to visit it next.

Megan’s on the Green

UNIT B 69, 57 Parsons Green Ln,


London SW6 4JA

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Shot Espresso, Fulham Broadway

August 15, 2015
Shot Espresso, Fulham Broadway

When the very tiny Shot Espresso opened a few years ago, on the cobbled pedestrian and rather lovely Jerdan Place, I had a feeling it was going to do well.  It is the project of friends of, as they say, ‘Italian, Australian and English extraction’, with especially the Italian extraction being most pronounced in their venture.  It is effectively an Italian Deli, Cafe and Aperitif bar all rolled into one, with some Aussie touches.  Every morning I walked passed I could smell their freshly ground coffee, and see tempting heaps of buttery croissants through their large window.  Every evening when I walked home, they went from offering coffee to offering Aperol Spritzes.  Or wine.

Shot Espresso, FUlham Broadway

So, I tried both.  Their coffee really is good.  And their friendly service adds to Shot’s charm.  One evening I also tried their Aperol Spritz.  And a glass of wine. And perhaps a few more of them.  And loved this local and characterful place just off the very busy and characterless Fulham Broadway (having said that, if you want cocktails then 510 Below is brilliant too).

Shot Espresso, Fulham Broadway

Soon enough they cleverly put a few tables and chairs outside, and shortly the pavement was overflowing with post-work drinkers.  And best of all?  They offer Aperitivo.  Possibly the best deal ever.  If you pay an extra £3 for your first drink, you get to sample unlimited amounts of their homemade bites and selection of cheeses, hams and breads, plates of which are placed on the bar and which they keep topping up.  I don’t know anywhere in London where they are this generous.  No need for dinner, just come here for lots of drinks and delicious aperitivo and you’re sorted.

Shot Espresso, Fulham Broadway

Their well-deserved success meant that they procured another tiny joint, right opposite Shot – called Slice & Ice.  Offering, surprise surprise, homemade pizza (Roman-style) and ice cream.  Same sort of concept, same people, same overflowing pavement where on the busier Thursday and Friday nights the crowds from Shot and Ice & Slice simply merge together.

Ice & Slice, by Shot

Their newest venture is Bistro by Shot.  A larger, a little more formal cafe/bistro just off Parson’s Green.  I enjoyed my brunch here, but my preference will always be Shot Espresso.

Bistro by Shot, Parsons Green

For more Fulham ideas, check out Fulham Brunch places, St Clements and Hally’s & Little H.

Shot Espresso

11 Jerdan Pl

London SW6 1BE

Photos Shot Espresso’s own, or mine from Instagram.

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Boma & Boma Green, Fulham

May 30, 2014
Boma Restaurant & Bar

Ever since I follow Boma Restaurants on Instagram it find it increasingly hard not to want to dine there on a weekly basis. Their dishes not only look impeccable, but they are a refreshing mix of healthy without going OTT.  So yes, expect burgers on the menu, but also expect all your food to be locally sourced.

Plus it helps that both Boma (the flagship restaurant – on Wandsworth Bridge Road) and Boom Green (on Parsons Green) are within walking distance from my house.  And prices are reasonable.  And you don’t really have to queue for a table.

Boma Green

So I have been a couple of times.  Boma is the original one but I prefer Boma Green as think it has a slightly better vibe and always tends to be a bit busier. It has a better location after all.  In the evenings people often just go for drinks – their cocktail list is simple but good (very temped by their Lychee Martini and Elderflower Bellini) and very reasonably priced.  Plus they have Happy Hour from 5 – 7pm, Monday to Friday.  But it’s their food that really stands out.

Boma Green


Boma Green


So what have I had?

Grilled goats cheese with peaches, chickpeas and French beans.  Love the addition of the chickpeas which give it a slightly nutty taste.




Duck in filo pastry (one of my favourites). Stunning presentation. A nice variation of crispy aromatic duck pancakes.




Steak tartar. Delicate in flavour and love the capers as an addition.




Burrata. Basically a better version of mozzarella – so creamy and delicious, especially with sundries tomatoes and crisped bread.




Irish Three Fish Terrine.  This one surprised me. The herb layer in the pate kept it light. And the fish taste was not overpowering.  Add horseradish creme fraiche and sourdough toast and you have the perfect combination.

Boma Green



The Boma Burger.  Good quality meat, cooked to perfection, with crisp lettuce and fresh tomato topping. For an extra £1 you can add an egg on top, which is always welcome!

Boma Green



Zucchini Frutte.  Ever since having lived in Rome I am obsessed with Zucchini Frutti.  In fact, I’m a big lover of vegetable tempura in general, but it is something about the courgette that works so well.  This version was crisp on the outside and soft, but not soggy, on the inside.  Yes please.

Boma Green



I would almost recommend going for two starters than one main – as I think their starters are the most unique.  The space itself isn’t much to write home about – they have art for sale on the walls and Boma Green has a large bar.

Boma Green


But the service is always exceptionally friendly and efficient and makes it a place I will definitely keep returning to.   And they make a mean cappuccino the end your meal.

Boma Green


Boma Restaurant & Bar


116 Wandsworth Bridge Rd, Fulham SW6 2TF

Boma Green

271 New King’s Rd


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Vagabond Wines, Charlotte Street

May 12, 2014
Vagabond Wines

When searching for a good central bar, my friend Emily suggested Vagabond Wines on Charlotte Street.  I’ve always liked Charlotte Street, for its location (conveniently located between Tottenham Court Road and Goodge Street) and for its lively vibe (the street is jam packed full of cool bars and tempting restaurants).

Vagabond Wines stands out with its huge open window; the table by the window inside practically spilling out.  Having got there at 8:30 on a Friday it was busy.  But luckily I had booked us a table.  Yes – hooray – you can book tables here, unlike so many other (Northern) Soho bars.

Vagabond Wines


Vagabond Wines


Our table was in the downstairs area, which is a bit quieter.  You’re surrounded by wine cases and boxes.  It’s messy and smells a bit musty, in a nice not a grimy way.  But upstairs is where you really want to be.

Vagabond Wines


Vagabond Wines


Vagabond Wines


Vagabond Wines


Vagabond Wines is first and foremost a wine shop or ‘enoteca’.  The unique twist here is that they have 100 bottles lined up which you can taste.  It’s very straight forward: you get a Vagabond card which you top up at the bar.  You slot this card into one of the wine ‘fridges’/’machines’ (hard to name) and this allows you to press a bottom above whichever wine you fancy and you’ll be poured a taster.

Vagabond Wines


It will say how much the bottle costs and how much the taster is (the more expensive the wine, the more expensive the taster).  Tasters can range from 65p to £3.50.  Bottles from £6.95 to a hell of a lot more.  It’s great fun.  Especially for amateurs like me, who loves wine but could probably do with some more lessons on how to tell a Cabernet Sauvignon apart from a Chardonnay.  This is a good place to start learning.  And it’s interactive too.

Vagabond Wines


Vagabond Wines


Vagabond Wines


Apart from being a shop, you can also drink the wine here.  For a £10 corkage fee per bottle, you can buy the bottles at retail prices and drink in the shop.  So that’s what we did.  The Rose was especially nice, and not expensive at £6.95 a bottle (plus the corkage).

Vagabond Wines


For those hungry after a long week they also serve sharing platters of charcuterie and cheeses.   But it is primarily all about the vino.

The staff are friendly and helpful.  The atmosphere is really good.  And their flagship shop is in fact in Fulham (Vanston Place), around the corner from where I live.  What more can you want?

Vagabond Wine

25 Charlotte Street



020 3302 4044

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The Brown Cow, Fulham

April 21, 2014

Easter Sunday calls for a special lunch.  So Rob sweetly decided to take me out for a local Fulham lunch.

It was raining but the dog needed walking so we thought we’d just walk to the Fulham road and see what we came across.  And hoped the dog would be allowed in too.

Luckily for us we found the Brown Cow – a gourmet pub Rob had been before and I had actually always wanted to go to.

The Brown Cow


My fear was Matsu would not be welcome since it looked too nice inside to allow soggy dogs, but by some miracle they were more than happy for her to come in.  And even had a jar of dog biscuits on the side, so she was clearly no exception.

The Brown Cow is an example of what the Brits do well: a cosy, warm and welcoming pub.  Big windows which let in plenty of light, a busy bar (with plates of tempting sausage rolls and jugs of Bloody Marys on display) and lovely wooden floorboards which give it a homely feel.  Large blackboards boast the specials of the day.    Trinkets hang on the walls.   And weekend newspapers and magazines are free to read.

The Brown Cow


We decided to share two main courses (since we both suffer from serious bouts of food envy) and opted for the obligatory Sunday Roast (Roast Welsh Black Beef) and for the Leek macaroni cheese with avocado & tomato salad.  Food came quickly.

The roast was excellent – the beef nicely pink, the roast potatoes crispy, the Yorkshire pudding large and fluffy.  The accompanying vegetables of broccoli, carrot and mashed sweet potato were good too.

The Brown Cow


The macaroni cheese perhaps lacked seasoning, but the texture was good – creamy and cheesy without being oily.  And I really liked the addition of the leeks.  It gives you that false hope that there is a degree of healthiness about it. The avocado and tomato salad was a nice accompaniment – but I’m biased because I like anything to do with avocados.

The Brown Cow


Best thing about the meal though?  The Brownie Sundae.  I’m not really a fan of Sundaes – too much cream and little else in my opinion.  But Rob felt like it.  And wow, am I glad he did.  Yes there was cream, but not too much.  The majority was chocolate ice cream, chocolate brownies and crushed orange biscuits.  Orange and chocolate go so well together and since we weren’t expecting the orange taste – it made this one of the best puddings I’d had in a while.

The Brown Cow


And Matsu?  She was very happy watching people come in and out of the pub (we sat by the door).  The staff loved her.  And she loved the dog biscuit she was given.

All in all: everyone happy.

The Brown Cow


The Brown Cow Public House

676 Fulham Rd, London SW6 5SA  

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