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Flax & Kale, Barcelona – EAT

August 26, 2015
Flax & Kale, Barcelona

I thought London had nailed healthy restaurants; The Good Life Eatery, Tanya’s Cafe and Farm Girl are all favourites of mine.  Until I went to Flax & Kale in Barcelona’s Raval district.  This is healthy eating to the maximum, but with beautiful New York inspired interiors.  London really has nothing like it.  This is a place you could potentially drag boyfriends to who despise the idea of kale or chia or quinoa, because as healthy as the menu is, it is varied.  And options like a tuna steak burger can’t be that offensive to those anti the eat-clean craze.

Flax & Kale, Barcelona

Don’t get me wrong.  This restaurant, the first ‘Flexitarian’ restaurant I’ve been to (Flexitarian meaning: a person who has a primarily vegetarian diet but occasionally eats meat or fish), is most definitely not for those looking for a greasy fry up.  You almost feel lighter stepping inside the airy, high-ceilinged space, with a whole wall covered by a fridge full of cold-pressed juices (their ‘Vegan Vampire’ is fantastic, and is served with a chilled glass), baskets of fresh vegetables and fruit, and a counter full of spelt croissants and quinoa & blueberry muffins (after mine I am craving them).

Flax & Kale, BarcelonaFlax & Kale, BarcelonaFlax & Kale, Barcelona

Admittedly, it is the ideal place for a girly brunch (minus the Bloody Marys).  Having said that, we saw children happily gobble up the salmon mini burgers (accompanied by sweet potato fries).  We enjoyed a range of salads (some more ‘out there’ than others), the presentation is original and colourful and while they don’t use refined sugar or much dairy the dishes were full of flavour.  I also tried the spelt ravioli with pumpkin puree which was so good (but with these things I always find the portions too small).

Flax & Kale, BarcelonaFlax & Kale, BarcelonaFlax & Kale, Barcelona

Service is a bit hit and miss, but perhaps we were a fairly over-demanding group of English girls with bad (read: no) Spanish.  They also serve dinner (though no alcohol, apart from local beer), and weather permitting you can enjoy this on their lovely roof terrace.

Flax & Kale, Barcelona

Flax & Kale is the second restaurant in the Teresa Carles group, the first being a recommended vegetarian restaurant around the corner named after the owner Teresa Carles.  One on the list for next time.

Flax & Kale

Carrer dels Tallers 74

They offer breakfast, lunch and dinner (the latter two bookable).

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