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Henrietta Hotel, Covent Garden

June 20, 2017
The Henrietta, Covent Garden

I’ve been to the Henrietta Hotel twice in 24 hours.  In my defence, it’s a stone’s throw from my office, so easy to get excited about.  Yesterday for drinks, today for a nosey around the rooms.  Because yes, I am a hotel geek and I do like to do things like that on my lunch break.

Founded by the Experimental Group guys (think the Experimental Cocktail Chinatown, but they also own lots of hip venues in Paris, New York & Ibiza), the Henrietta is many things.  Firstly it is a small, luxury hotel, with 18 rather beautiful rooms.  With heavy Art Deco influences and pastel colours, each room is unique, from the pretty headboards to brass lamps and mirrors in all different shapes and sizes.   Many of the bathrooms have large baths and all have fluffy branded robes and towels.

The Henrietta, Covent GardenThe Henrietta, Covent Garden

The Henrietta has also got a great bar.  Last night, post excellent dinner at Frenchie (which I would recommend to all who would fork out a casual £38 on lamb), I dragged my friend there for cocktails.  We were there long enough for the bill to be fairly substantial (be warned).  The cocktail menu is a little unusual, as I suppose you would expect from these guys.  I wasn’t sure about my Palomar cocktail (tequila based but perhaps with a touch too much salt) but the vibe was good, and I love the design of the place.  There is also a mezzanine level with another bar and more tables.

The Henrietta, Covent GardenThe Henrietta, Covent Garden

Perhaps the most talked about aspect of the Henrietta is its restaurant, with the food being by the one & only Ollie Dabbous (of Dabbous fame).  I sent my colleague there for lunch yesterday (come to think of it I really have been giving this place a lot of love) and he said the food was excellent.

The Henrietta, Covent GardenThe Henrietta, Covent Garden

And so today, having not seen any of the rooms, I popped by and was shown around.  Sadly their two suites were booked, as I would have loved to have seen the views from their terrace.  But I saw two rooms: their smallest Covent Garden room (super cosy, under the eaves of the house, not for giants) and the Henrietta room (much more spacious, fabulous bed).

The Henrietta, Covent GardenThe Henrietta, Covent Garden

All in all it’s good to see Covent Garden has a new, hip hotel, and I’m sure I’ll be stopping by regularly for food and booze, and maybe even a snooze..!

The Henrietta

14-15 Henrietta St,

London WC2E 8QH

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J Sheekey Atlantic Bar and Terrace, Covent Garden

September 25, 2016

A fairly sweltering September means that my hunt for the best alfresco bars (or bars with decent terraces) for post work drinks has continued.  Bronte (my regular), is a big favourite of mine in Central London.  It has a large terrace, a decent bar menu and there’s always a table free.  But apart from that it’s always quite tricky to find a relaxed terrace in Covent Garden or Soho. Further North I have more luck; in Fitzrovia Foley’s has a cool alfresco bar (but with very limited seats), Percy & Founders has a large outside seating area, and Charlotte street offers many restaurants with small terraces ideal for drinks in the sun (the big favourite being the Charlotte Street hotel).  So when Grace Dent wrote a rave review about J Sheekey launching their new Atlantic Bar & Terrace (a revamp from their old Oyster Bar), located in the West End, I thought I’d check it out.

J Sheekey Atlantic Bar & Terrace, West End

London’s West End is known to be very busy and very touristy, and the immediate area around Leicester Square is not necessarily a place I spend much time.  J Sheekey is right in the thick of theatre-land, tucked away down a little alley way.  It looks pretty old school.  I mean, J Sheeky has been around for decades.  But you can tell that it’s terrace has had a bit of make over; with bright colours and comfy red chairs it looks fresh and welcoming.  And it’s prime people watching territory too (not long after we spotted Ian McKellan smoking a cigarette around the corner).  I also loved its new menu with artwork by my favourite Quentin Blake.

Quentin Blake

You can’t just drink here, you need to order some food.  But with a mouth-watering fish-heavy menu, that’s not exactly a problem.  We ordered the sea bass ceviche and the tuna and avocado tartare, both excellent.  The wine list is decent, though it’s easy to leave here with a fairly large bill (a glass of wine and one dish each set us back close to £25 each).

J Sheekey Atlantic Bar & Terrace, West End

In short, if you’re looking for a pre-theatre or cinema place for an alfresco drink and a quick bite, this is the place for you.  Alternatively, you can of course just stay here for a proper fishy dinner – there’s a reason why this place has been around for so long, the food is great and the service is too.

J Sheekey Atlantic Bar & Terrace

33-35 St Martin’s Court,

London WC2N 4AL

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Flat Iron, Covent Garden & Soho

September 25, 2016
Flat Iron, Covent Garden

Flat Iron is not exactly new to the London dining scene, and its original Beak Street restaurant is a bit of a Soho institution. Known for excellent steak and excellent value, Flat Iron has been popular from the outset.  I had heard about the long queues of patient fans, who, because of the typical Soho no-booking policy, were more than happy to wait in line for a juicy steak for a tenner.

I don’t have the patience for long queues, and so, when the newest (and by far the largest) Flat Iron opened on Henrietta Street (December 2015), around the corner from where I work, my interest was renewed.  Taking colleagues out to lunch posed as the perfect opportunity to try this place, and we were all very impressed.

The menu is short & simple, and their signature Flat Iron steak for £10 is what you should order.  Yes, they had specials (a burger in our case), but I’d seen the beautifully pink sliced steaks come by and knew what I wanted.  It comes with a side salad, though you can of course order triple cooked chips, or other vegetables with it.  They also offer sauces (£1) – from an excellent Bearnaise to the creamy horseradish I went for.  The steaks came quickly, were perfectly cooked, and tasted divine.  Lunch was all over in under 45 minutes.

To top it off they offer a complimentary salted caramel ice cream upon departure.  The ice cream was almost (almost) better than the steak.

With friendly staff, attractive interiors and incredible value, I can completely understand the appeal.  The bonus of the Henrietta Street restaurant is that it is large enough to head there for lunch without queues.  I shall definitely be returning for dinner…

Flat Iron

17/18 Henrietta Street

Covent Garden

With other restaurants in Soho on 17 Beak Street and 9 Denmark Street

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Inamo, Covent Garden

January 18, 2016
Inamo, Covent Garden

Some of you will have been to the original Inamo, famous for it’s electronic interactive tables, where you can order your food by swiping your table and if you’re bored of your dining companion you can even play games on it.  I’d heard mostly good things about the first Inamo (now in Soho, first in St James’) and I like Pan-Asian food, so was keen to try the new one, around the corner from where I work.

Inamo, Covent GardenInamo, Covent Garden

It seems like regulars of the original Inamo will be disappointed, because the tables are no longer interactive.  You get an ipad instead, which yes, I quite enjoy using, but wonder if just ordering food from the waitress might be more effective/faster.  They do offer this ‘clicky thing’ (similar to a mouse) for the table, whereby you can click and watch a video of the chefs cooking (live), which I quite liked.  But then they also offer fairly pointless options like you can store photos of yourself on the table (my description is testament that I just didn’t get it).  So perhaps the whole technology thing is a bit gimmicky and where it worked for the first restaurant, it doesn’t really for the second.

Inamo, Covent Garden

Now for the positives.  The food was excellent.  Delicious sushi, lovely vegetable tempura, addictive dumplings, good chicken satay (I liked the coconut addition).  We saw a lot of other fabulous looking plates go by.  We did go with an offer, which always helps, and otherwise – as at most restaurants serving ‘small plates’ – the costs can really add up.

Inamo, Covent GardenInamo, Covent Garden

I thought the service was excellent, everyone was very friendly without seeming fake, and they are clearly doing their best.  It was very busy and there was a nice vibe – plus the cocktails (and the cocktail bar) looked good too.  They need to iron out a few things – but that’s what a soft launch is for – so I think die hard Inamo fans need to give the new one a chance.


11 – 14 Hanover Place

London, WC2E 9JP

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The 6 best affordable lunch places in Covent Garden

November 29, 2015

Having moved offices to the Strand fairly recently, I’ve fully embraced my new location as an opportunity to explore lunch options in Covent Garden (and Soho). There are so many excellent cafes and restaurants within a 15 minute walk from the Strand, whether it be sit in or take away for those in a rush which are affordable enough to justify lunch.



45 Aldwych

Anything Scandi always piques my interest, add a healthy angle and I’m there straight away. Right next to One Aldwych, this is a truly tiny establishment, which only adds to its cuteness. The design upholds it’s Scandi promise; a prominent use of wood and a minimalist finish. The bar is laden with plates of healthy salads and mouthwatering sandwiches. The first time I went I had an egg and mustard seed sandwich (£3.95) which was the size of my face (take away).  Last week I had their vegetable soup with sourdough bread (£4.50), which was delicious and warming on a cold day.   They do a good smashed avocado on sourdough toast too.  Breakfasts are also worth trying, they offer strong coffee and a hearty porridge.

Lundenwic, Covent GardenLundenwic, Covent Garden



23 Garrick Street

I’ve never met anyone with a bad thing to say about Ottolenghi – and his Middle-Eastern inspired food empire continues to grow.  Sesame is the newly(ish) opened ‘fast food’ version of his more sophisticated cafes in Notting Hill (and restaurant in East London). It’s accessible, fresh and flavoursome take-away or sit in Middle Eastern food. Expect lamb kebabs, tabbouleh salads and rices dishes, all at reasonable prices. I devoured the lamb shish in seconds, it was so delicious. It will be a success, like most of Ottolenghi’s ventures, and Ottolenghi fans will love it.

Sesame, Covent Garden



36 Tavistock Street

It’s well known that Angela Hartnett has opened a sister property to her Mayfair Cafe Murano in Covent Garden. And I’m sure it’s worth booking for lunch or dinner. But what less people know about is the next door Pastificio (literal translation ‘pasta factory’), which is Cafe Murano’s charming little Deli. Offering all kinds of jams, wines and olive oils, as well as cured meats and delicious selections of cakes – you can also buy take away Italian (naturally) salads. And these are so good. Think butter bean and tuna, artichoke and basil, burrata and cherry tomato. That will certainly give you energy for the rest of the afternoon (or send you into a food coma).  And it’s much kinder on your wallet too.

cafe murano pastificio
12 Upper St Martin’s Ln

Dishoom has become London’s favourite Indian ‘Bombay-style’ Cafe. And for good reason. Instead of heavy, saucy curries of your local Indian they offer tandoor grilled meats, delicious fresh salads and wonderful naans.  While usually rolling out such restaurants into a chain can be a bit of a shame (like what’s happened with Polpo, in my opinion), as Dishoom expands it keeps its charm, style and standard high.  Because of its no booking policy, if you want dinner here be prepared to queue. An early lunch here could therefore be a way to avoid the wait (not guaranteed though). Or start your day here, their breakfasts are celebrated by all: their chai and bacon & egg naans are to die for.

Dishoom, Covent Garden

74 Wardour Street

This is a new concept of food in London – straight from South Africa, where this stew in a hollowed out piece of bread is super popular (see photo below, photo credit Bunny Chow). Now London is offering it too, where you can choose from a number of stews (chicken/beef/pork) as well as different types of bread and garnishes. You can accompany this with one of their delicious juices (coconut, lemonade, ginger and lemongrass). This is the perfect place for a speedy and warming lunch as the weather gets colder. The stews are delicious and good value, and I can see why it’s been so popular since opening.  Technically Soho, but easy walking distance to the Strand.  Easy to take away.

Bunny Chow, Soho



49 Frith Street

Technically this is Soho too, but it’s so easy to get to from the Strand I’m adding it anyway.  While the original Koya has shut its doors (and has recently opened as the Sri Lankan restaurant Hoppers – also on my list, but very popular at lunch at dinner), Koya Bar next door is a wonderful alternative. Again, it’s a no booking place with a quick turnaround. Squeeze onto a stool at the bar and order one of their Udon dishes (hot or cold) or their Ten-Tojidon (rice in a bowl, with prawn tempura and egg). Served with a bowl of miso soup, the hearty and very filling Ten-Tojidon was so good I wanted another.  For veggies their Yasai Tendon (similar to the Ten-Tojidon, but with vegetable tempura instead of prawn), was equally delicious.  Also recommended for an affordable, quick dinner.

Koya bar, Soho

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Mr Fogg’s Tavern, Covent Garden – A Victorian Tavern with a hidden cocktail lounge

November 2, 2015
Mr Fogg's Tavern, Soho

Last Saturday I waded my way through Leicester Square crowds in the pouring rain.  There are very few places in London I loathe more than Leicester Square underground station and its direct surroundings.  That matched with streaming rain and no umbrella, is my idea of complete and utter hell.

And then we arrived – drenched – at Mr Fogg’s Tavern.  A surprisingly short soggy walk from Leicester Square.  It’s so close we nearly walked past it.  Perhaps because it also looks far more like a pub than I had expected (and very different to the original Mayfair Mr Fogg’s of Mayfairthe ‘residence’).  It truly is a tavern.  And it was heaving.  And while I loved the – Fogg style – interiors, and the boat and birdcages hanging off the ceiling, I was ready to walk out immediately when I saw how full it was.

Mr Fogg's Tavern, Soho

But I decided to give the Gin Parlour and Salon upstairs a chance, which are thankfully not advertised downstairs.  Clever.  Keep the tourists downstairs, while those in the know can retreat to a peaceful and beautiful oasis in the form of a cocktail lounge.

We were lucky.  We spent a few minutes hanging out in the Gin Parlour (a little like a chic waiting room, with a lot of beautiful bottles of gin to keep your attention), where we browsed the very elaborate and – of course – gin dominated menu in delight.  If you like G&Ts, this is your place.  From the classic to the unusual, if you want it with peppercorns, or lemongrass, or basil – or all together for that matter, there is a G&T for everyone.   And then a table (or half a table to be exact, we shared it with an adorable elderly couple) became available and we were whisked into the Salon.

Mr Fogg's Tavern, Soho

If gin isn’t your thing then Mr Fogg’s Salon has a menu with other spiritual delights.  But do be sure to check out the Gin Parlour (no seats here) and watch the clever cocktail maker slice ice off a ginormous slab of ice and concoct some delicious drinks.

Walking into the Salon is like walking straight into the Victorian times.  From the waitresses all in special dress, to so much chintz you don’t know where to look, all sorts of hats hanging from the wall/ceiling and the sorts of ornamental lamps Mary Poppins might pull out of her bag.  It was busy here too, but in a pleasant, bustling type of way.  They monitor the numbers here (you must be seated), under 21s are not allowed, and it has the sophisticated edge that downstairs lacks (which is fine, because it’s a tavern – and the pies are meant to be amazing).

Mr Fogg's Tavern, Soho

So we very much enjoyed our experience, and felt smug that we had found a table in a beautiful bar, a stone’s throw from horrific Leicester Square, on a Saturday evening.  And the nibbles are good too.  The only downside of course is that one cocktail each and some bar snacks will set you back what an all out feast at BAO will.  But it’s worth it.

If you like the sound of this, then also be sure to try out their other sister properties like Cahoots and Barts, also wonderful themed bars where they get it just right.

Mr Fogg’s Tavern 

58 St Martin’s Lane

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Kopapa, Soho

August 31, 2015
Kopapa, Soho

Kiwis know how to cook.  And how to do a good brunch.  It’s no wonder that Kopapa, in the popular Seven Dials in Covent Garden, is always full.  If you do decide on brunching here – which I highly recommend – make sure you book well in advance.

Kopapa has been on the lunch brunch scene for quite a few years now.  It’s often mentioned in articles celebrating London’s top brunch places, and I’ve heard so many good reviews from friends that it is actually shameful I only made it there a few weeks ago.

Why I liked it:

1) The menu.  Yes, it offers the more standard brunch options (in the form of a fry up, or avocado on toast, with chilli and feta), but on the whole I like the inventiveness.  Dishes like Turkish eggs’ from Changa restaurant in Istanbul – 2 poached eggs, whipped yoghurt, hot chilli butter and Spiced banana French toast, grilled bacon, orange blossom labne, tamarind raisin relish, orange vanilla syrup really stand out.  You don’t have that for breakfast every day (I like trying things I can’t easily make myself at home).  I went for the Chorizo Hash with fried eggs and rocket and it was delicious.

Kopapa, Covent Garden

2) The setting.  Apart from the excellent location, with a small terrace outside and large open windows, the cafe itself is buzzing and fun.  Large groups of friends enjoy a range of dishes, bloody marys are consumed, there is lots of laughter.  It is clearly a happy place, and it’s infectious.

Kopapa, Covent Garden

3) The service.  They are so friendly.  Is that a kiwi thing too?

They also serve lunch and dinner in the form of small sharing plates, but I hear that their brunch is better.  The next brunch places on my list are the equally popular Lantana (Aussie-brunch in Fitzrovia), Honey & Co and Oldroyd (in Islington – brand new), though I’m super excited about brunch at Salt & Honey next weekend too.

Will keep you posted.


32-34 Monmouth Street
Seven Dials, Covent Garden

Kopapa Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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The Jar Kitchen, Covent Garden

July 6, 2015
Jar Kitchen, Covent Garden

I’m not sure how much I like the word ‘cute’ to describe something, but the Jar Kitchen truly is cute, in the best sense of the word.  Its a tiny, cosy restaurant, with pretty dark blue walls, plenty of light (if you sit upstairs) and – you could have guessed this from the name – an apparent ‘jar’ theme in the decor.

Jar Kitchen, Covent Garden

The lights hanging from the ceiling are made from jars, each table has a bouquet of flowers in a jar, tea lights decorating the room sit in jars.  You get the picture.  And while it may sound naff it’s actually not; perhaps if you didn’t really think about it (or if you were unobservant) you might not even notice the presence of said jars.

Jar Kitchen, Covent Garden

Jars aside,  we loved the food.  It’s rare these days to eat at a restaurant in the Covent Garden/Soho area which isn’t sharing plates.  And I do love a traditional three course meal.  Which I don’t have to share.  Here we had the ceviche and stuffed courgette flower to start (both excellent, but if I had to choose I’d go with the courgette flower).  Then I had the mixed grain salad with pulled lamb and pomegranates and Rob had the monk fish with bulgar wheat.  If you want a light option then I strongly recommend my salad – an almost Ottolenghi-style dish, perfect for a warm Friday evening.  To finish we had a creme fraiche cheese cake and the chocolate ganache with banana ice cream.  We could have licked the plates.   Overall, the food was uncomplicated, unpretentious, hearty and amazing value.

Jar Kitchen, Covent Garden

We had a bottle of the house red and the total bill came to £75.  That’s a complete bargain for what we had.   The staff were friendly, the atmosphere was relaxed and it just had a lovely feel to it.   So, whether you need a quick pre-theatre bite or a drawn out romantic date – I’d definitely give the Jar Kitchen a go.

The Jar Kitchen

76 Drury Lane, London WC2B 5QF

Photos the Jar Kitchen’s own, the Instagram photo is mine.

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Barrafina, Covent Garden

June 29, 2015
Barrafina, Adelaide Street

Many friends were outraged when I – a food blogger no less! – admitted to not having been to Barrafina.  A Spanish tapas bar that, for some reason, seems to get people passionate, to demand some sort of loyalty.   And so I, unsure at first, then a lot more willingly (having read the menu), found myself going with a group of girlfriends.

It all started badly.  I ended up at the ‘original’ tapas bar at Frith Street, only to find out that the organiser of the evening (and Barrafina-obsessive) was waiting for the rest of us at the new Covent Garden one, on Adelaide Street (which opened at the beginning of the year).  And that we’d lost our space at the bar which she’d waited an hour for.

Barrafina, Adelaide Street

Barrafina, Adelaide Street

But things went up hill from here, because, having wrangled some seats at the bar, the food arrived.  And instantly you know why it is such a raved about place.  The tapas menu, for one, isn’t your standard oily chorizo and soggy patatas bravas  which has often (and unfairly) put me off Spanish food altogether.  It’s diverse, at times unusual (bordering on ‘pretty out there’ – i.e. the brain/tongue/kidney options) and always interesting.  Make sure you ask for their specials, because in this place they live up to their name.

Their stuffed zucchini flower is a must, their Chicken wings in Mojo Picon finger-lickingly good.  And we argued over who got the last of the Iberian Pork Ribs.

Barrafina, Adelaide Street

While I cursed the bar for not suiting our seating arrangements (sitting four in a row does not lend itself to good group conversation), I so adore an open kitchen.  And here you really get to see the chefs in action.  And observe how on earth they make food taste so good, while doing it so quickly.  I loved watching how they presented the food so artfully, even if it meant serious food envy as mouth-watering plates I failed to order were served to neighbours.

So I join the gang of loyalists (though my blog on Morito – a rival tapas bar – will be up soon).  Because the tapas here is really good.  And even if you can’t book, it is most definitely worth queueing up for.  But just come with one date, not three.  It just makes life (and conversation) easier.

Oh and I nearly forgot to mention the donuts.  Do not leave without trying the donuts dipped in chocolate sauce.


10 Adelaide Street

Photos by Paul Winch-Furness.  And the Instagram one mine.

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Brunch in Covent Garden

December 2, 2012

Having had a sudden urge to get out of Fulham for the day, I decided I wanted to see the reindeer at Covent Garden and soak up some early Christmassy atmosphere.

Covent Garden Christmas

Brunch was our first mission.  Rob had been recommended Kopapa and, having looked it up online, I was game.  When we called to reserve a table however, we were told they were fully booked till 3pm.  Nicht gut.  So if you want to try out this all-day cafe, set up by three New Zealanders (the name Kopapa meaning ‘a gathering’ in Maori), then book well in advance.  They serve everything from the standard brunch egg dishes to Ricotta fritters with avocado and roast grape salad to (which really tempted me) spiced banana french toast with grilled bacon and orange vanilla syrup. Yum.   Their food is also meant to be quite healthy so you don’t have to feel too guilty.  The dinner menu looked pretty good too.  Definitely going there next time.


Bill’s was next on our list – a cafe/restaurant, known for its weekend brunch.  We were informed it would be a 20 minute wait for a table which we didn’t think was too bad, so we headed there.  And rightly so, when we walked into the homely and warm cafe the queue was snaking up the stairs.  The good thing about waiting on the stairs is that all the waiters go past with the piping hot dishes from the kitchen which helps the food decision making process.


Having finally decided I wanted the scrambled eggs and salmon (the portions looked massive) and Rob wanted the bubble & squeak mustard mash with ham and eggs, we were seated.  But upsettingly we were informed that since it was 13:05 we had missed breakfast by 5 minutes.  Not great.  Still, I’d seen the marinated chicken skewers with couscous and tzatziki come by so knew what I wanted from the lunch menu.  Rob went for macaroni cheese with a twist (including mushrooms).  I don’t like mushrooms but tasted the cheese sauce and it was delicious.  The place itself is lovely with rows of jam jars, old-fashioned lemonades and old school tinned food on shelves hanging on rustic brick walls.  It is a good place to come with friends for a catch up or just for a chilled hungover lunch.  I’d definitely recommend it but more for the cosy atmosphere than the food, which is good but not extraordinary.


The last place I had been recommended by a big foodie was The Riding House Cafe.  This isn’t quite in Covent Garden as it is just north of Oxford Street and Tottenham Court Road – but it is meant to be exceptional.  I checked out the menu and the prices look more than reasonable while the menu had the staples you’d expect as well as a selection of mouth-watering small or large sharing plates.  Cocktails here are meant to be delicious too.  Time Out described it as a ‘funky brasserie’ and the photos back this up.  Perhaps a good option for a boozy Saturday brunch instead of a chilled one?

RIding House Cafe

The Riding House Cafe

After brunch we walked along the crowded buzzing streets of Covent Garden, I dragged Rob into a few shops and we said hello to the reindeer.  They didn’t look too impressed being patted by the masses and having weird looking moss shoved in their mouths.  Still it was cute seeing the kids so excited and hearing parents explain that Rudolf the red nose reindeer was sadly not there today.   Despite the crowds, which can always be expected there, Covent Garden is the perfect place to go to get in a festive mood and convenient if you want to do some Christmas shopping.

If you need a break from shopping, have a chai latte or a chilli hot chocolate at Cafe Eterno on Neal Street. It’s run by the London City Mission, which you’d never really know unless you paid special attention to a blackboard in the corner.  This means that the service is really good and friendly.  And the prices are even better (you can easily have lunch here for a fiver).

The perfect Saturday.


32-34 Monmouth Street

Seven Dials, Covent Garden
Telephone: 020 7240 6076


St Martin’s Courtyard
Telephone: 0207 240 8183

The Riding House Cafe

43-51 Great Titchfield Street

Telephone: 020 7927 0840

 Cafe Eterno

34 Neal Street


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