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Stravinskij Bar, Rome – DRINK

June 7, 2015

Hotel de Russie’s Stravinskij Bar is a big must when visiting Rome.  If you can afford it, I’d recommend staying at Hotel de Russie, as it’s a stunning hotel and wonderfully located by the Spanish Steps.  If £350 plus a night is a little more than you want to spend on your accommodation, then make sure you still visit the hotel for a glass of wine instead.

While it’s pricey, the main draw of the Stravinskij Bar are its gardens where you can sit and enjoy the greenery and peace and quiet, despite being in central Rome.  It’s a very special place.  The service is old school and charming and I can guarantee that you won’t want to leave.  We also had lunch here, which was excellent.

Hotel de Russie

Via Del Babuino 9

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