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Snaps and Rye, Notting Hill

January 13, 2015
Snaps & Rye, Notting Hill

My love for everything Scandi continues, as does the expansion of Scandinavian restaurants and cafés in London. People just cannot (understandably) get enough.

The new kid on the block is Danish Eatery Snaps and Rye. It opened on the scruffy but lively Golborne Road two months ago, and, apparently thanks to good reviews in the Evening Standard and Time Out, has been thriving.

Snaps & Rye, Notting HillWe went for a coffee and afternoon cake on Saturday afternoon and managed to squeeze onto a table in the corner. The decor is as one would expect; wood floors and bright white walls, the Scandi touch.  But it’s not all minimalist, there are wooden shelves stacked with delectable Danish goods (flavoured salt, jams and cooking books) and they have large colourful maps of areas of Denmark (a useful addition to my terrible geography of the country) hanging on the wall. 

Snaps & Rye, Notting Hill

Snaps & Rye, Notting Hill

There is a lovely bar heaving with plates of cakes and pastries and – their piece de la resistance – rye bread laden with mouth watering toppings. I love their Viking boats hanging off the ceiling, moving gently in the breeze. And their swans too.


Snaps & Rye, Notting Hill

The waitress, blonde with a charming Scandi accent, was chirpy and seemed almost proud to be working there.  We ordered various hot drinks: from the signature hot chocolate (with cream and liquorice), the classic hot chocolate, to a cappuccino and a double espresso (looked small, but apparently it’s because of the (pretty) cup).

Snaps & Rye, Notting Hill
The cakes looked too good not to order, so we opted for the sticky ginger (super rich with a liquorice aftertaste) and the orange cake (lighter, could it be made with polenta?). Loved both!  The apple cake was sadly finished.

Snaps & Rye, Notting HillPlates piled with delicious looking lunch passed by, and our neighbours were drinking small glasses of what one would imagine was snaps. I was a little jealous.

Snaps & Rye, Notting Hill

Lunch will have to be out next port of call here.  With a little snaps on the side.  And you can book too.  Too many pluses not to go.

Snaps & Rye

93 Golborne Road, London W10 5NL

020 8964 3004

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