About me


Name: Aurelia van Lynden

Currently based: London

Work in: Luxury Travel

Cities I have lived in: London, The Hague, Brussels, Vienna, Rome, Sofia, Leiden, Edinburgh

Favourite City: Rome

Favourite City Break: Lisbon

Best Beach: Constance Moofushi, the Maldives

Favourite London Restaurant: Palomar

Favourite London Bar: Cahoots

Favourite hotel: Amanzoe, Greece

Best Brunch: Bourne & Hollingsworth Buildings (Clerkenwell), St Clements (Fulham), Raffles Royal Monceau (Paris)

Favourite shop: Maje or Sandro

Upcoming travel plans: Puglia (July), Bordeaux (August), Barcelona (August), Amsterdam (September), Argentina (September), South Africa (November)

Feel free to drop me a line at aureliavanlynden@gmail.com if you have any questions about me or City Turtle. 

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