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Rex & Mariano, Soho

June 7, 2015

If I had to choose between a meat or a fish restaurant, I would always choose meat.

I’d choose steak over sea bass, a burger over fish & chips.

So I surprised myself by totally and utterly loving Rex & Moriano – a restaurant which specialises purely in fish.  Rex & Moriano is the newish venture from the guys who started with a restaurant chain which specialised purely in meat (Goodmans).  Then they obviously decided to give fish some well-deserved air time and opened a number of very well received restaurants which gave guests the option of meat OR fish (Burger & Lobster and Beast).  The popularity of these restaurants seemed to have encouraged them to focus a bit more of fish, and they’ve thus done a sensational job with Rex & Moriano.

It’s all about small plates here – it’s Soho, so I wasn’t expecting much different – and the options are all mouth-watering and right up my street.  You can go down the ceviche line (the sea bass is incredible), or opt for a version of tartar (definitely go for the spicy tuna with avocado and sesame oil – best plate of all) or a fishy Carpaccio (we opted for the sea bass, which was erring on the bland side).   Then there are the oysters – which, at £1.50 a pop, are incredibly good value.  The prawns are meant to be incredible but we didn’t manage them this time – an excuse to come back.  The mussels, in a creamy sauce, were delicious – but some hadn’t completely opened, so we left them.

Rex & Mariano, Soho

Carbs don’t feature highly on the menu – I’d recommend going for a portion of bread (which is very generous), perfect for mopping up the juices (and the sauce with the mussels) and filling you up.  But on the whole I can see why Rex & Mariano has been so popular – the flavours are fantastic and the food is light, so you don’t leave feeling unpleasantly full.  It’s actually a healthy restaurant option, without trying to be.

Rex & Mariano, SohoRex & Mariano, Soho

The prices are very decent for a good quality fish restaurant and this is mainly because they’ve replaced some of their staff with Ipads.  They aren’t the first restaurants in London who have tried this, but they might be the first where it actually works.  I enjoyed swiping through the menu and ordering by pressing the green tick.  We were warned (by an actual waitress) that the food would come quickly, and so not to order too many plates at the same time.  This was a good tip, because the food did come quickly.  While ordering from an Ipad may seem like you lose the personal touch which good service can give, there are still waiters and waitresses running around with big smiles, and are very helpful and friendly.  Best of both worlds.

A big thumbs up from me.

Rex & Mariano

2 St Anne’s Court,

London W1F 0AZ

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