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Pony Line Lounge at the Four Seasons, Buenos Aires – DRINK

November 10, 2015
Pony Line Lounge, Four Seasons

If you’re looking for the hang out to see and be seen, then make a bee line for the Pony Line Lounge at the newly renovated Four Seasons.

Expect the style to be clearly reflecting its name: yes, the horsey theme is apparent, but no, it’s not naff.  And anyway, this is Argentina, where horses and Polo are a big deal. A big, glamorous deal.  And so I love the booths which are meant to be old stables, and the tan chests doubling as tables.  Yet it has a modern, polished feel, and it’s understandable that this hotel bar attracts all the trendy locals.

Pony Line Lounge, Four SeasonsPony Line Lounge, Four Seasons

The drinks menu varies from my favourite vodka drinks to more elaborate, original cocktails.  If you get peckish they also offer a casual dining menu – apparently their burgers are fantastic.  If you’re looking for more serious food however, try Elena next door.  I had one of the best steaks ever there (and their cheese soufflé and truffle mash was incredible too).

Pony Line Lounge, Four Seasons

Apart from their F&B, the Four Seasons was one of the best hotels I saw in BA.  The horse theme continues throughout (apart from the in Mansion, which maintains its more traditional interiors).  But all the rooms are wonderfully light and spacious. And the outdoor pool is a real (rare) treat considering it can get well over 30 degrees in the summer months.

Pony Line Lounge, Four SeasonsPony Line Lounge, Four SeasonsPony Line Lounge, Four Seasons

Yes, chain hotels are perhaps not where you want to hang out a lot in a new city, but the Four Seasons offers a very special, Argentine experience – well worth your time.

Pony Line Lounge

Four Seasons

Posadas 1086/88,

C1011ABB Buenos Aires

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