Lisbon, Portugal

Pharmacia, Lisbon – DRINK

June 13, 2015
I came here four years ago, and little has changed.  Which is a good thing, because I loved it then, and loved it now.  This is a fantastic spot for an outside drink or for an excellent Portuguese dinner at their restaurant (I’d go with their tasting menu).  This bar/restaurant used to be an old Pharmacy Museum (hence the name and the décor) and before that a (beautiful) palace. Cocktails have appropriate names like ‘Paracetamol’ and ‘Morphine’ and you can sit outside on their front lawn in quirky but comfortable chairs and enjoy a warm Lisboan evening.   It’s right by Miradour (view-point) Santa Catarina, which is beautiful.
R. Mal. Saldanha 1

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