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Panella, Rome – EAT

June 7, 2015


One of my greatest discoveries when walking to Santa Maria Maggiore (one of the stunning must-see cathedrals) was coming across this bakery/deli/wine bar/restaurant called Panella.  It was the window arrangement which first caught our eyes: lots of turtles made of bread! I loved the turtles so much I bought one (for a whopping 10 euros!).  They make the most incredible cakes, breads, you name it.  And they have a deli with lots of delicious things and a wine bar so it’s ideal for breakfast, lunch or aperitivo!  It was full of locals buying their bread for the weekend or just enjoying the lovely terrace and a quiche or a cake.  A must visit!


Via Merulana, 54 00185 Rome


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