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Nama, Notting Hill

June 7, 2015

When Nama first opened last year, it was clear it was going to be a hit.  Located in trendy Notting Hill, where looking good and being healthy seems to be second nature, and offering raw and vegan food (very en vogue) – it was set to be a sure success.  And it has been.

With it’s rustic modern white interiors and bustling atmosphere, it’s hard not to feel a surge of energy as you walk in.  It’s a place where strolling in in your gym gear is accepted, if not encouraged, and where dressing up is utterly unnecessary.  So vast are the juice options (all cold pressed, of course) that you could spend forever uhming and ahing at the counter.

Nama, Notting Hill

Nama, Notting Hill

We found a space at one of the ‘bar’ tables facing the wall.  Not ideal, but with a no booking policy we were pretty chuffed to find a seat regardless on a Sunday morning.  The breakfast choice I’d heard the most about was the porridge, so I chose that.   This isn’t your usual steaming hot creamy porridge.  For one (this may be disappointing for some) it’s not hot (raw food can’t really be cooked over 30 degrees).  Expect instead a crunchier version: a delicious mixture of coconut milk with almonds, seeds, apple, cinnamon and nutmeg.  A great way to start the day.

Nama, Notting Hill

We also tried their raw pancakes (again made primarily with nuts) and banana ice cream (that’s the real reason to try it).  And some veggie juices and coconut water.   The staff were very friendly, and kept topping up our cucumber water (complimentary).


This is a place for those of you who like a nutritious, energising start to the day.  Who like vegetables, fruit and nuts.  And who aren’t afraid to try something different.  While they serve lunch too, I still think breakfast/brunch is the meal to have here.   But for those who take a liking to this food, you should definitely try their Raw Food or Juice Cleanse.  Check their website for further details.  Or if Notting Hill is too far to trek to, then try Tanya’s Cafe in Chelsea, which also serves raw food and superfood cocktails.


110 Talbot Road

Notting Hill

Photos Nama’s own

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