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Molé Taco Bar, Marylebone

September 20, 2015
Mole Taco Bar

Avocados: are they the most popular superfood of our time?  It’s certainly the most instagrammed food (I know, I’m guilty too). Though some instagram post are actually very cute (see below).


Guacamole is – in my opinion – avocado at its best.  I love the sharpness of the lemon (or lime?), the heat of the chilli, the freshness of the coriander.  Those ingredients mixed in with creamy avocado and that’s one hell of a dip.

So when I heard a Taco Bar carrying the name Molé had just opened, I had to go check it out.  Plus, it’s in Marylebone, which I love.  Ideal to couple with a few pre-drinks at Matt Whiley’s new Showdown cocktail bar under the Lockhart (10 minute walk away).

It’s hard to miss the theme.  You’ll find Frida Kahlo and day of the dead sugar skulls painted on the walls, bright coloured chairs, tequila a big presence at the bar.  And you may well find yourself practically sitting on your neighbours lap, Soho-style.  So it’s perhaps not my interior of choice, but hey, it fits with the food.  Which is excellent by the way.  And we tried quite a lot on the menu.

Mole Taco Bar, MaryleboneMole Taco Bar, MaryleboneMole Taco Bar, Marylebone

To start we had the guacamole with nachos (obviously).  Then the baby squid, black ash salt and Serrano cream.  From the Raw Bar we opted for the black ceviche mixto, octopus, sea bass, mussels and avocado – purely because neither of us had had black ceviche before (it was interesting, but not better than the usual sea bass ceviche).  From the taco menu I went for the Chipotle beef shortrib with sweet potato hay, radish, jalapeno, and Logan for the Baja fish taco, as our waiter recommended it.   The fish taco was surprisingly excellent, and I could eat my shortrib taco for days on end and not tire of it.  We both loved the squid too.

Mole Taco Bar, Marylebone

And the guac? Final verdict was that it was actually a little too bland for our liking, I liked the texture but it missed a bit more oomph.

Drinks wise, apparently they have offer some amazing cocktails, so it worth just coming in for a drink at the bar and a small plate (and I must say I like the sound of the Guava Pisco Sour).  But as I’m trying to cut down on my sugar intake (close to impossible as a greedy blogger), and actually much prefer wine, we opted for a bottle of their house red.  Which, at £19, was very drinkable.

Mole Taco Bar, Marylebone

And the beauty of this place is that our bill came to £30 per person.  That’s rare in Marylebone.  Plus the food is light enough for you not to want to roll home in a food coma, so we actually continued our night by having more wine at Foxcroft and Ginger (need to go here for brunch, the menu looks so good) and then Imli Street for more.  Needless to say, the next morning was a little blurry, but it was utterly worth it.

Molé Taco Bar

16 Picton Place

London W1U 1BP

020 7486 1995 – yes you can book a table

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