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Milchbar – Zurich

October 31, 2016
Milchbar, ZUrich

I’ve only been to Switzerland once before.  When we were driving through the country to get to Italy.  We stopped in a beautiful village in the mountains, at an unfortunately named place called Cunter.  I remember thinking how clean the air was.  We had a bit of a Sound of Music moment (and yes, I am aware that’s set in Austria).

But since then I’d never been motivated to return to Switzerland.  I’m not a skier.  Or really an Alpine walker.  I’d read and heard about Zurich and Geneva, that they were pleasant, if fairly un-exciting cities.  Yet when I had to go to Zurich for the day on a work trip I was strangely looking forward to seeing the city.  And disappoint it did not.


It’s astounding what you can do in 8 hours in a city.  My first point of call was Milchbar because it seemed to be mentioned quite a lot on other blogs, and it looked right up my street, and I needed a comfortable cafe to do some work.  Word of advice: don’t come to Milchbar if you do want to work because, as quiet as it was on a Monday morning, the wifi also does not work.

That’s the only bad thing about the place.  Bizarrely, it is run by Australians.  Or, there seemed to be a lot of Australians working there that particular morning.   Good news is, they make good coffee.  I very much enjoyed my cappuccino, and loved the place itself.  It has a huge terrace, which must be so stunning in the summer, and incredibly cosy (sheepskin rugs galore) in the winter.  The place is split in two, which is a bit confusing, but seems to work.

Milchbar, ZUrich

This is a great place for lunch it seems, or for a coffee and a cake.  The Swiss are clearly as good at making cakes as they are chocolate.   I passed many a cafe with a mouth-watering display of cakes, pastries and sweet treats.

Anyway, my stop at Milchbar was short, due to lack of wifi, but I highly recommend it for those looking for an excellent coffee, or a sugary treat, or a delicious, healthy lunch.  10/10!


Kappelergasse 16 (super central)

8001 Zürich, Switzerland

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