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Maccheroni, Rome – EAT

February 28, 2016

I’ve walked past this restaurant so many times, mainly because it is next to my favourite date restaurant Casa Coppelle. On Saturday evening we walked past Maccheroni after dinner at the excellent Marzapane (a taxi away), and noted how many locals were spilling out of it, and how cosy it looked.

Maccheroni, RomeMaccheroni, Rome
So for Sunday lunch (and with pasta cravings continuing), we decided to try it.

The place is deceptively huge. The upstairs area looks fairly modest, but we were led downstairs through one (full) room after another. It’s quite amazing how many little rooms there are under curved brick arches. Wine bottles line shelves on the walls.  It is a cosy place, but not a glamorous one. We sat next a huge Roman family, who devoured course after course washed down with lots of red wine. They reminded me of a slightly less beautiful version of those D&G adverts.

Maccheroni, Rome
It’s the vibe here that’s so wonderful. The service is brisk and friendly. People are happy.  As were we, as the pastas, while not necessarily delicate, were delicious. I shared a creamy ravioli with zucchini flowers (why we don’t have them more in the UK God knows), and a truffle linguini (which you can smell as you enter).

Maccheroni, RomeMaccheroni, Rome
And then, after a quick espresso, we headed to a cab and drove to the airport.  A great way to end another epic weekend in Rome.

NB Note they don’t serve pizza here.  Yes, we were disappointed too.  But trust me, the pasta makes up for it.


Piazza delle Coppelle, 49,

00186 Roma

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