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Il Tiaso, Pigneto – DRINK

January 29, 2017
Il Tiaso, Rome

I’m a big fan of wine bars.  This might be because these days all I really tend to drink is red wine, but wine bars appeal for other reasons too.  In my mind it attracts a different kind of person than some swanky cocktail bar, and I’ve never met a wine bar owner I haven’t liked.

And this was very much the case of the super charming Andrea, the owner of Il Tiaso in the hip,  former working class district of Pigneto. We walked into this small but fantastic establishment at around 11pm, and it was, of course, completely full.  But rather than turning us away, Andrea made sure he got us a table.  We may have been a little squashed but we managed to get a perfect tiny table at the back, from which we could observe the rest of the bar perfectly.  We also discussed the area with him, and he shared his favourite restaurants with us (Mimi e Cocozza and Mister Manzo).

Il Tiaso, Rome

A large floor to ceiling wooden book case takes up the majority of the space, and I decided instantly I’d love to have a book case like that at home.  Filled with books and bottles of wine (mainly wine) it added a charm to the place, even the lamps were made out of old wine bottles.  The dim lighting helped create the atmosphere, as well as the fact it was packed with locals.  What was even better is that we weren’t made to feel like we were tourists, when it was fairly obvious we were.

Il Tiaso, Rome

We drank another bottle of Barbera here (as well as some prosecco), which my father when hearing it was only EUR 18, feared would be fairly rubbish.  Wrong.  The wine was very good, and we enjoyed a loud and cheerful evening here.  In the summer there’s a terrace, which I imagine fills up quickly too.

While Pigneto has plenty of bars and cafes to choose from, Il Tiaso won for me, and has become one of my favourite wine bars in Rome.

Il Tiaso 

Via Ascoli Piceno, 25



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