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Ice cream parlours, Rome

June 7, 2015

Obviously gelato is a must-eat when in Rome.  These are my favourites:

Gelateria Giolitti 

Uffici de Vicario 40, Rome, 00186

Near Piazza Colonna

Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn stopped at this famous Gelateria in a Roman Holiday. It’s also very popular at night, when the young crowds come here not only for the incredible ice cream, but also to socialise.

Via della Paneterria 42

Fantastic ice cream, using only the best biological products and keeping the flavour options new and exciting. €2.30 per scoop. Not your usual icecream. Totally worth it.

It’s a chain, so you’ll see Blue Ice everywhere in Rome.  Don’t be put off by its hideous branding, bright lights and tacky colours.  The ice cream here is delicious, and the prices low.  I’d recommend their yoghurt or passionfruit ice cream.  Try the Campo de’ Fiori (there are two on via dei Baularri) or Piazza S. Maria in Trastevere.

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