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Healthy London: The Good Life Eatery & Jak’s

January 12, 2014

The Good Life Eatery, on Sloane Avenue, was one of London’s first health-focused cafes.  It’s no wonder all gym junkies and health freaks seem to be talking about.  Why?  Because it offers a range of pastries and cakes, as well as salads and savoury snacks which not only taste good, but are super healthy.  Think gluten-free, low-sugar, low/non-dairy but which somehow still manage to be yummy.



What they are perhaps most famous for are their fresh juices.  Made with a hydraulic juicer, these juices retain all the vitamins and healthy bits of fruit and vegetables and yet taste SO GOOD.  I went for a beetroot/carrot/berry option, though was very tempted by the kale and spinach one (which I have been recommended).  Next time!  My one reservation would be the price (£6.55 per bottle).  But I guess being healthy doesn’t really come cheap.  Their gluten and sugar free scones are also delicious – and huge – perfect for breakfast on the go.

Power Juice!

Power Juice!

The place itself is also cosy and peaceful.  Lots of wood and clean lines.  And big blackboards stating what they have on offer.  I’ll be back for their chilli avocado on toast and gluten free croissant!

Peaceful & Cosy

A short stroll from the Good Life Eatery is Jak’s.  Now  Jaks is not new to me.  It’s been around for ages (since 2008) and I have been there plenty of times for lunch and dinner.  But for those who don’t know it, it’s well worth a visit.  Located on chic Walton Street, Jaks is always buzzing with people, yet they always manage to find a table for you (you can’t book).

My favourite Jak's

My favourite Jak’s



From behind a glass vitrine you order what you feel like at this Mediterranean cafe/bistro/deli.  The most popular (healthy) option is their meat/fish with two sides of your choice.  The options are vast.  For meat think grilled chicken breast, for fish a poached salmon, tuna steak or sea bass.   Lasagne, moussaka and quiches are also on the menu.  Again with two sides of your choice.  Sides are all the salads you can think of (Greek, Mozarella, Tabouleh, Quinoa, Pasta), grilled potatoes or roasted vegetables (which are phenomenal).  They also have some seriously tempting looking cakes (and tiramisu) for pudding.

Delicious Healthiness

Delicious Healthiness

Healthy & Delicious

Healthy & Delicious – Tuna Steak for me, Lasagne for Henry

And while you in the depths of Knightsbridge, the prices are surprisingly reasonable (£15 for my tuna steak and two sides).  And the service is efficient and friendly.  It’s no wonder they have so many repeaters.

So this was a Saturday in Healthy January.  And it didn’t feel like hard work at all.

The Good Life Eatery

59 Sloane Avenue

SW3 3HD London, LND

United Kingdom
77 Walton St,
London SW3 2HT

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