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Get Fit for Free (or for a bargain)

April 3, 2015

London has an incredible array of fitness classes on offer, but with classes sometimes at £30 a pop, they’re pretty expensive.  Since I’m a bit of a bargain hunter, I’ve explored some of London’s fitness options, and have noticed that many offer a free introductory class (or classes) to get you interested.  I would also recommend signing up to the Time Out offers – they will send you daily deals, often with fitness deals throughout London.  For example, I got 10 Transformer classes for £19 through Time Out – and I absolutely loved the classes.  Now with Class Pass, you can do unlimited classes around London for £89 a month.  But for those of you who don’t want to spend that much on work out classes, below are some great deals to get you in shape for the summer.  Enjoy!


Speed flex

Where is it: In the City of London, close to Bank Station

What’s the deal: First two weeks unlimited classes for free (with multiple classes a day this is a great deal for any City worker)

What’s the work out: Low impact, High Intensity.  Circuit training; usually about 30 seconds per ‘Speedflex machine’.  Your heart rate is measured and they tell you how many calories you burn at the end of every class. Oh, and Alan Shearer is a fan.


Project Fit

Project Fit

Where is it: City of London, close to Bank Station

What’s the deal: First class free.  Bundles can be bought thereafter (works out at about £12 a class).

What’s the work out:  My favourite work out in London, but also the hardest.  HIIT training, pushing you to the maximum.  The class is split between the running machine (sprints and incline) and ground work (weights and resistance training).  Expect thumping beats and neon lighting to get you in the mood to push yourself.  Not for the faint hearted.


Fitness Fusions

Fitness Fusions

Where is it: Clapham Common

What’s the deal: 5 classes for £25

What’s the work out:  Classes offered are Yoga, Pilates, Boot Camp and Barre Concept. Barre Concept is a great class – perfect for women who want to tone up, focusing on all the right areas.  The locations of the classes have a slightly amateurish feel to it but the instructors are good and friendly.




Where is it: Notting Hill, Oxford Circus, Clapham, Battersea

What’s the deal: First class free

What’s the work out: Go for the ‘Transformer’ class in Notting Hill on Monday or Tuesday evening at 7pm.  David, who leads the class, will absolutely kill you by making you do countless burpees, tuck jumps, push ups and mountain climbers.  You’ll hate it when you do it, but feel incredible afterwards.


Absolute Pilates Plus

Absolute Pilates Plus

Where is it: Near Parsons Green

What’s the deal: £24 for 3 classes

What’s the work out: Dynamic Reformer Pilates (machine based full body work out)



Heartcore Chelsea

Where it is: Fulham Road, Chelsea

What’s the deal: First class free

What’s the work out: 55 minutes of Dynamic Pilates, High-Intensity TRX (HIIT) or Barre


Nike Run Club

Nike Run

Where it is: Nike Town, Covent Garden, White City

What’s the deal: Free to run – just sign up to the Nike+ Run Club London

What’s the work out: Do either 5k, 7k or 10k runs through London.  There are also womens only runs.


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