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Fire and Feathers, South Kensington

October 3, 2014

Instagram is a useful tool to learn about new London restaurants.  My Instagram showed me that two celebrities (of very different calibers) were a fan of Fire and Feathers (which opened in June this year) and that it was close to home.  What’s more,  the menu had friendly prices and the cocktail menu also looked enticing.  So I took an American friend whom I had not seen in 6 years for an early dinner there last week.
You come here for ‘Authentic Portuguese style Piri Piri chicken’ (and, I later found out, for the cocktails).

And so this little no-booking restaurant has a Portuguese/Taverna feel.  Simple, with recycled wooden tables and colourful tiles to stop it from looking too dark. The perfect set up for a casual dining experience.  There is also a fun bar out front which stocks everything you might wish.

Fire & Feathers, South KensingtonFIre and Feathers, South Kensington

FIre and Feathers, South KensingtonFIre and Feathers, South Kensington

FIre and Feathers, South KensingtonFIre and Feathers, South Kensington
The menu is focused around chicken.  You can choose your half a chicken (£12.99 including one side) in three different levels of ‘hot’, the hottest option is served with their famous and super hot Piri Piri sauce (we opted for the medium Piri Piri but got to try the ‘dynamite’ sauce).  The chicken portions are not huge, but this is because small organic British birds are used.  The presentation doesn’t stand out either, but perhaps it’s hard to make a half cut up chicken look good.  It also fits in with the style of the restaurant; this is no nonsense food. And the most important part, the taste, was good.  The chicken was succulent and flavoursome. The sides we went for were the Mint Peas (yum), Tomato and onion salad (average), and chips (thin, crispy and cooked to perfection).

FIre and Feathers, South KensingtonFIre and Feathers, South KensingtonFire and Feathers
But it’s not just chicken on the menu.  If you prefer beef, opt for the Steak Bavette.  Fish lovers should try the Sea Bass.  The prawns for starters are also meant to be delicious.

FIre and Feathers, South Kensington
The food shouldn’t be the only reason for your visit. Their cocktail menu is fantastic and the prices seriously good for this neck of the woods.  Needing a pick me up, I went for the Espresso Martini (at £6.50 a pop the price of a glass of wine at the Anglesea Arms around the corner).  It was perfect.  The Sangria wasn’t bad either, if a little sweet.

FIre and Feathers, South Kensington
Would I recommend it? Bear in mind I have never been to Nandos (which it seems to gets compared to – just for the Piri Piri chicken, I doubt for anything else). I thought it was good, but it didn’t blow me away. Yet the place has a nice feel to it, the service was friendly and the location fantastic.  So yes, I would recommend it for a cheap(ish) and cheerful dinner. Or even for a few pre-dinner cocktails, to get the night started.

Fire and Feathers, South Ken

Fire and Feathers

343 Fulham Road

SW10 9TW

Photos Fire and Feathers’ and my own

FIre and Feathers, South Kensington

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