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March 14, 2016

Sunday lunch at Field is a ridiculous treat.  Only in Prague, where the prices are still relatively low (despite tourism continuing to grow here), can you have a ‘casual’ lunch at a restaurant which in London would be saved for a very special occasion.

Field, PragueField, Prague

Field is a relative newcomer, and so far has been well received by most.  There are some who have criticised it though.  Not for the standard of the food, or the decor, or the service.  But for ‘mimicking’ other fine dining restaurants and top chefs, like Heston Blumenthal.  They have been branded, to some extent, as copycats.  But to be honest, if you serve food as good as they do, I don’t care if there are similarities to fine dining establishments where they charge £50 for a spoonful of seaweed foam. Or a bowl of snail porridge.

Field, Prague

The food here is exquisite, both in taste and presentation.  And it’s also the first (and, shamefully, only) Czech food we had.  Czech food with a twist.  The design of the restaurant is minimalist and veering towards my very favourite Scandi interiors, a mixture of simple furniture, light woods and big airy windows.  But there are touches which remind you why the restaurant is called Field: a hark, a spade, other farming appliances are carefully positioned throughout the restaurant.  Not gimmicky, just present enough for you to notice them.  The ceilings are quite extraordinary too, and I’m not quite sure what I thought of the light installation.  But it was certainly interesting.

Field, PragueField, Prague

So, you can either be stuck up and try and interpret Field as being unoriginal because they (sometimes) serve food with hints of recognisable dishes and techniques, or you can just appreciate it for what it is: a beautiful restaurant, with wonderful food and very fair pricing.  I chose the latter, and left very content.

Oh, and did I mention it was Michelin star?  I only just realised that myself…


U Milosrdných 12,

110 00 Praha 1-Staré M?sto

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