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Etabli, Rome – DRINK

February 14, 2016
Etabli, Rome

It’s unusual that I find a place I love while on a city break which I have not researched in advance. I’m not very good at being spontaneous, and am also quite bad at giving places I don’t know or have not heard of ‘a chance’.

But when we passed Etabli and I had a look inside, it looked so appealing, so welcoming with a fire place in the corner and a sitting room-esque vibe that we decided to try it for pre-dinner drinks. My sister Jo ended up loving it so much she wanted to return at every opportunity.

Etabli, Rome
This lovely place is perfect for afternoon drinks, or cocktails or even dinner. It’s quite a large open space, with distressed decor, and sofas and comfy armchairs in the corners.  The seats by the fireplace are unsurprisingly the most popular. The bar is spacious and the cocktail list diverse (the Espresso Martini was excellent).  During the day it’s very laid back, it’s ideal to come here after a day of sightseeing in the late afternoon to relax with a book and a cappuccino (or glass of wine).

Etabli, Rome
It definitely livens up in the evening. As we were leaving they were preparing all the tables for dinner. A DJ was also getting ready.  As we didn’t have dinner here, I’m not sure how good the food is.  We did order a platter of antipasti which we enjoyed: a bulgar wheat salad, bruschetta and cold meats.  They offer brunch on the weekends too.

What’s close? Bar del Fico and Cafe Della Pace are around the corner, as is Piazza Navona.  But if you want a place to sit and chat in relative peace and quiet, Etabli certainly gives you that option.


Vicolo delle Vacche, 9/9A,

00186 Rome

Photo credit: Etabli

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