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Dubovica Bar, Hvar

August 13, 2016
Dubovica Beach Bar, Hvar

Hvar Town is as popular as ever now, with young and old flocking to this pretty place for the beautiful sea, the vibe and the parties.  With so much going on in and around Hvar Town, it’s easy to forget that Hvar Island offers a lot more places to explore.

If you want a little more peace and quiet, and to explore nearby beaches, I’d recommend doing a little boat trip to the pretty beach of Dubovica.   Eight kilometres east from Hvar Town, on the southern shore of the island, you’ll find this stunning pebbled beach.  I loved its little dilapidated church, so picture perfect nestled behind a lonely palm tree.   The sea is very calm here, so it’s perfect for swimming.  Don’t expect any sun loungers or parasols though, but it is an unspoilt rarity in Hvar.

Dubovica Beach, HvarDubovica Beach, Hvar

On the east side of the beach there is a little rustic beach bar tucked away.  Here you can easily while away an afternoon, drinking beer or a glass of freshly pressed orange juice in one of their deck chairs and watch the world go by in the shade of the trees.  The owner is incredibly friendly, and it could not be any more relaxing (a world away from hectic Hula Hula Bar).  I’d really recommend this place for a chance to enjoy a slightly more local Hvar experience.

Dubovica Beach Bar, HvarDubovica Beach Bar, Hvar

Dubovica Beach Bar

Dubovica (15 minutes’ drive from Hvar town)

Hvar, Croatia

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