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Dirty Bones, High Street Kensington

February 8, 2014

Dirty Bones is the new hot spot in town, with an American Diner vibe and most importantly the chef Ross Clarke at the helm, who used to be creative development chef at Heston Blumental’s The Fat Duck Experimental Kitchen.

I nearly ran past it as I legged it down Kensington Church Street in the rain.  The neon lights at the door were not what I was expecting – but to be fair all I knew about the place was that it served good hot dogs.   As I walked down the red tiled stairs and walked into a room full of trendy people and loud music, I realised I had underestimated quite how cool this place was.



Thank god for my infinitely cooler than me friends who bounded in soon after.  One of them, the delightful Carmella, works at Dirty Bones part time.  But tonight she was off duty.  And we were the lucky few who could sample the menu (and we did – the entire menu) with her.

First: cocktails.  There is a good range of fun-named drinks, and I really enjoyed my gin/passionfruit choice – Top Dog.  Carmella then gave us the guided tour and en route introduced us to everyone working there – from the lovely waitress to the big dog Ross himself, as well as some of the owners.  Everyone was really charming and friendly, and the service was good throughout the evening.


The place was super busy but we managed to get a table and thus began our delightful challenge of working our way through the menu.  We ordered all 6 hot dogs (The Mexican and the popular Burger Dog were my favourites), the ribs (some of the best I have had, I loved the sesame seed touch), the fried chicken (so juicy) and the steak (succulent and no need for the accompanied sauces).

But let’s not forget the 7 sides we ordered too – the Bourbon Beans were amazing, as was the Mac and Cheese and the Smoked Pickles.  And we finished it all (bar perhaps some bread from the hot dogs); no mean feat for 5 girls.


The cherry on top of the cake was my birthday surprise (it was the day after) – the ‘Cookies and Milk’ pudding – a super soft delicious cookie with what looked like a glass of milk beside it (but was actually ice cream).

Great evening, cool vibe, excellent service.  I’d recommend going on a Friday night with a big group of friends – it’s the perfect place to start the weekend.

Dirty Bones

20 Kensington Church Street,
London, W8 4EP

020 7920 6434

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