Amsterdam, Eat

De Laatste Kruimel, Amsterdam

June 14, 2015

Small and homely, walking into ‘The Last Crumb’ you are engulfed by Italian charm in the form of the two owners.  In perfect Dutch (and English too, I’m sure) they will help you choose the most delicious ‘broodje’ (roll/sandwich).  The menu is limited but the produce is fresh and you can experience an original take on the standard sandwich.  While there isn’t much space to sit, there are a few rickety tables and there is a tiny terrace on the canal round the back where they can put a crate and a little table for you to enjoy the Amsterdam sun.  Cakes are in abundance; their custard tarts are delightful.  Highly recommended.

De Laatste Kruimel

Langebrug steeg 4,


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