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De Hallen, Amsterdam

June 15, 2015
de hallen, amsterdam

De Hallen opened last year with rave reviews, which meant that when I went at Christmas (hence the stars and twinkles in my photos) that it was totally packed.  With very good looking people.  So I didn’t complain.

De Hallen (meaning the Halls) is Amsterdam’s version of E Mercado de St Anton in Madrid, or a covered, more structured version of London’s Street Feast.  It’s effectively lots of little independent stalls selling lots of different food.  From Vietnamese to Japanese to good old Dutch food.  It’s buzzing and sociable and a lot of fun.

de hallen, amsterdam

My main criticism would be that there aren’t enough seating areas, so it’s very much a drink in one hand, tapas in the other kind of place.  Which can get a little messy at times.  There are more sophisticated restaurants in the same building, like Halte 3 Brasserie (even more popular than the Hallen itself) or the more expensive, very slick Meat West.  We ended up heading to Meat West and grabbing a drink at their bar there, as it wasn’t full.  So that’s always an option if you want to sit somewhere more peaceful.

de hallen, amsterdam

de hallen, amsterdam

Great place for a pre-dinner snack and drink.  It’s about a 10 minute cycle from the heart of Amsterdam, and in a very local neighbourhood, so really worth it.

Hotel de Hallen is next door, which has also opened recently.  It’s had good feedback, but I found it quite somber and cold when I went in for a peak.

De Food Hallen



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