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The Dairy, Clapham

November 16, 2014

The Dairy, Clapham

Sometimes you walk past certain places and just know that they’re worth a visit.  The Dairy, on Clapham Common’s ‘the Pavement’, is one of those places.  The time I found myself in Clapham this past summer (which now seems a distant memory), I walked past it.  Instantly I was drawn to its buzzing Common facing terrace, and caught a glimpse through their wide open doors of a welcoming interior, a quirky mixture of ‘up-cycled’ furniture and a neon bar sign.  Right up my street.

The Dairy, ClaphamThe Dairy, ClaphamThe Dairy, Clapham
About a week later I read that it was in Time Out’s Top 10 London Restaurants. Wow, lucky Clapham – there’s no longer a need to Northern line it up to Soho for gastronomic delights.

So I, more curious than ever, returned to good old Clapham a few weeks later for Sunday lunch there.

My favourite dish was what we were served first (on the house): a ball of warm sourdough bread served in a Hessian sack (yes, original) with bone marrow butter on the side.  So. Good.

The Dairy, Clapham
The other dishes – following the small, multiple plate dining concept, were all unique, fresh and full of flavour.  You can either go for their Tasting Menu (£45 for 6 dishes) or you can choose (a recommended 2/3) small plates from the vegetables/meat/fish sections. We opted for one from each and two from the ‘from the sea’ section:

Garden: Peas, mint and celery

The Dairy, Clapham
Land: Lamb rump cooked to perfection with aubergines and beans

The Dairy, Clapham
Sea: Grilled Galician octopus with white beans. Then the Scallops the follow. 

The Dairy, ClaphamThe Dairy, Clapham

The food is served in heavy grey stone dishes, and the colourful food contrasts beautifully.  The taste is pretty sublime too.

I’ve taken too long to write up this blog so sadly you’ll have to wait until next summer in the hope of being able to try what I ate, as the menu is seasonal.  Don’t let that put you off though, since I’m sure you can expect the most delectable winter menu.

The bill came in a cute biscuit tin which, to soften the blow (though the prices are reasonable if you aren’t starving and have all the plates), was accompanied by some sweet treats (Turkish Delight-esque). A lovely way to end the lunch.

The Dairy, Clapham
For those more drink orientated, they have an excellent wine list and their bar is open until 2am, another reason to visit (or not to leave) the delights of Clapham.

The Dairy, Clapham
Since W.C has since then opened in Clapham Common and I’ve always wanted to have wine and charcuterie in an old loo (why not), I have found anther reason to return to delightful Clapham and try out another of it’s gems.  But I can assure you, the Dairy is reason enough to go.

The Dairy

15 The Pavement

Clapham Old Town

London SW4 OHY

Tel: 0207 622 4165

Excuse the poor photos, it was rather dark inside

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