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Conservatorium Hotel, Amsterdam

June 21, 2015

By Emilia van Lynden

The Conservatorium hotel, which opened in 2012, is a treat for all who visit. It is not only one of the Amsterdam’s best hotels, but it also boasts two superb restaurants, a swanky cocktail bar and a private dining room. The building used to be to a conservatory which housed three music institutions but after it closed in 2008, the Italy designer Piero Lissoni was asked to restore this late 19th Century building back to its former glory. The hotel is incredibly popular with tourists from all over the world, however the restaurants and bars have become a place where locals also often enjoy a luxurious dinner or a cocktail on a Friday night.

conservatorium hotel amsterdam

I was lucky enough to go there with my father a few weeks ago and certainly did not turn down his offer. Even though we only went for a quick bite, I was stunned by the good service, quality food and fine wine.  We had dinner in the brasserie which is in the internal courtyard within the hotel. The windows are from floor to ceiling  – roughly six metres high – and which allow the restaurant to be lit mainly through natural light.

conservatorium hotel amsterdam

I went for scallops with lemon risotto and zucchini flowers, whilst my father decided for a meat option; duck breast with beetroot and raspberry. I don’t often find myself in swanky restaurants and the scallops were some of the best I’ve had.   My father, who refuses to cook duck breast at home anymore as he creates such a mess, was more than pleased with his choice.

If you really want to go out for a treat in the heard of Amsterdam’s Museum quarter, then I would highly recommend this fabulous restaurant. You don’t have to necessary splash out but can choose one course with a bottle of their house wine.

Rooms from £340 per night

Conservatorium Hotel

Van Baerlestraat 27

Photos belong to Conservatorium Hotel

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