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Coba, Vietnamese BBQ dining in stylish setting

November 10, 2015
Coba, Kings Cross

Pho seems to have taken London by storm.  This Vietnamese broth, with noodles, herbs and meat is healthy and light and incredibly tasty.  But some places do it better than others.  The newly opened Coba is one of those places.

So the only negative thing to say about this place (I’ll just get it out of the way): it’s a bit of a mission to get to.  Yes, it’s near Kings Cross.  But it’s still a 15 – 20 minute walk, along York Way, but all the way down (towards Camden), past quite a few building sites.  It will seem like you’re walking completely in the wrong direction, but then it suddenly gets busier again and you’ll see more restaurants and bars and that’s where Coba is.

Coba, Kings Cross

Second thing to say is that it is so worth the walk.  You’ll realise that the minute you walk in.  Because the interiors are wonderful; simple but with lots of wood and copper (I am obsessed), and the lighting is very well done.   The staff will do their utmost to make sure you’re happy and are as friendly as their are enthusiastic (our waitress said practically every dish was her favourite and their ‘signature’ dish).

Coba, Kings CrossCoba, Kings CrossCoba, Kings Cross

I couldn’t fault the food.  The menu is succinct but you’ll want to try everything.  The starters were perhaps the best of it all – next time I return I may have all four as a main course.  The prawn toast was out of this world, and the summer rolls were some of the best I’ve had (and it’s hard to beat the Caphe ones) – so fresh.   But I was also incredibly happy with my main course: the beef wrapped in beetle leaf noodle salad is perfect if you’re looking for a healthy and light meal, full of flavour.   Jo had the pho – also the beef option – and considering she only realised she’d forgotten to add the spices half way through – it was delicious.
Coba, Kings CrossCoba, Kings CrossCoba, Kings Cross

And then to finish we opted for the carrot cake – a healthy (it seemed) take on it.  I loved it.

To drink we enjoyed their house wine, and Jo had one of their signature tea cocktails which was fantastic.  Their bar is beautiful and the barmen clearly skilled, so you can even just pop in for a drink and a starter.

Coba, Kings Cross

I passed the (also new) Greek Larder on the way there, so I’m going to try that next time, and Granary Square is not far if you want to try Caravan, the Grain Store or Dishoom.  Ultimately this part of London is so up and coming, with new restaurants and bars opening continually, that I’m sure soon its location will be a plus point, rather than a drawback.  Highly recommended.


244 York Way,

London N7 9AG

Photo credit: Coba

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