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Clerkenwell London

October 3, 2015
155 Bar & Kitchen, Clerkenwell

When About Time invited me to a Cocktail Masterclass blogger evening at the newly re-opened and stunningly renovated 155 Bar & Kitchen, (part of the stunning Clerkenwell London) I accepted immediately.

Clerkenwell London is a design junkie’s dream, and they describe themselves as ‘a new destination for the discovery of niche and established designers, creatives and artisans’.  Angelica from About Time gave us the grand tour around this huge 13,000 sqft space, with every room showcasing something different: from women’s fashion to home-ware, from jewellery to art.  Every room has an individual theme, and I loved every one of them.  They even have a spa, which they were still working on when I was there, but which as now finished.

Clerkenwell LondonClerkenwell LondonClerkenwell LondonClerkenwell London

Apart from being a boutique, there are plenty of rooms to lounge in, with comfortable sofas and arm chairs covered in sheepskin rugs and where you could easily sit all evening sipping divine cocktails.  Downstairs they also have a very tempting wine bar.  The style of a number of these rooms reminded me a bit of the interiors in one of my favourite films ‘A Single Man’, set in 1960s California.

Clerkenwell LondonClerkenwell London

We were here for the cocktails, and on our arrival we given a ‘Lavender Refresher’ (Gin, cranberry juice, lemon and lavender) in a beautiful copper mug, which certainly set the scene for the evening.  The ‘Buffalo Berry’ was next, which was Buffalo Trace, lemon, strawberry jam, lemon and basil leaves, served in a jam jar.  I won’t take you through all the cocktails we tried, but there were quite a few, and we finished with a ‘Pinkster Bakewell tart’ which was so good it was like drinking a desert (Pinkster gin, Raspberry liqueur, Amaretto, apple juice and almond cream floated on top).   I’ve gone a little off cocktails recently, opting either for red wine or vodka and soda, but these cocktails were phenomenal – refreshing and unique, and I happily drank all six of them.  It helped that the bar was so beautiful, and that the bloggers were so lovely.

Clerkenwell London

But apart from furniture, fashion and cocktails, there is also the food aspect: 155 Bar & Kitchen.  And while we did not have a full sit down dinner, the canapés were fantastic and I’ve since heard great things about the food.  The restaurant is as stylish as the rest of Clerkenwell London, with a Scandi minimalist feel to it.  Perfect for a date night, though brunch it meant to be wonderful too.

155 Bar & Kitchen, Clerkenwell155 Bar & Kitchen, Clerkenwell

Clerkenwell London really impressed me, and going there was an experience I would recommend to all.  I loved the feel to the place, the people and the interiors.  The concept of going to one beautiful place to indulge in some shopping (they truly sell some stunning things, as well as clothes which I wish I could afford), drinking and eating is brilliant, and I’m sure this will be a huge success.

Clerkenwell London

Clerkenwell London

155 Farringdon Road

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