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Brompton Food Market, South Kensington

October 29, 2016
Brompton Food Market, South Kensington

I love it when you come across places which you never knew existed, but have walked past a million times.  South Ken is tricky for brunch.  It’s either super touristy (Muriel’s Kitchen) or a bit chainy (Comptoir Libanais, Aubaine, Pain Quotidien).   And then you get this cute, unassuming Deli/Cafe with a secret garden which is perfect for a summer lunch or an autumn brunch.   We were actually en route to Aubaine, but then passed the Brompton Food Market with it’s inviting ‘secret garden’ sign and thought we ought to have a look.  Let’s just say Aubaine never happened after that.

The Brompton Food Market is actually also a butcher, fishmonger and greengrocer as well.  I.e really the place do all your shopping.  And the experience is ten times nicer than shopping at Tesco’s, I can promise you that.  It’s a beautiful shop with excellent produce.  You could spend hours looking at all the different jams and oils and cheese.

Brompton Food Market, South Kensington

Shopping aside, they have a great selection of wonderful salads and juices for those healthy-inclined, or a mouthwatering brunch menu with dishes like American pancakes with berries, eggs whichever way you want, the list is endless.  My cappuccino was the size of my head.  We sat outside, kept warm with sheepskin rugs and overhead heaters.

Brompton Food Market, South KensingtonBrompton Food Market, South KensingtonBrompton Food Market, South Kensington

This is the perfect place for a cosy, laid back and affordable coffee or brunch, in the heart of touristy London.  It’s ideal if you’re looking for somewhere quiet and local, and away from the tourist hordes.

The Brompton Food Market

33 Thurloe Place


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Honey & Co, Fitzrovia

September 26, 2016
Honey & Co, Fitzrovia

Word of advice.  When a restaurant says it’s fully booked when trying to book a table online, don’t let this put you off going.  I’ve been wanting to go to the much praised Fitzrovian restaurant Honey & Co for ages now, but every time I try and book, it says ‘nothing available’ or offers me the 9:30pm slot.  So last week, having read that they do allow some walk ins, I decided I was just going to risk it.

I arrived at 6:30pm and it was full.  This was to be expected, and I was not put off.  Things looked positive when I spoke to a very friendly waitress, who said she’d take my name and number, and call me when a table was available.  Seemed reasonable.  My friend Emily and I grabbed a glass of wine at the pub next door and eyed up Honey & Co’s small outside terrace.  It was a beautiful, warm September evening, but we could sense that people were leaning towards eating inside.  After about 30 minutes I got a call, ‘We’ve got a table free, but it’s outside I’m afraid.  When can you be here?’   Bingo.  We were there in seconds.

There is one disappointing thing to mention first, then we’ll focus on the positives.  Emily is a vegetarian and, despite the Middle East being so good at vegetarian food, she was disappointed to have only one choice of main course.  Which was, incidentally, a very delicious baked aubergine dish.  But still, I had five other options to choose from.  Funny also that all the starters were vegetarian.  It just doesn’t quite make sense.  Perhaps they should offer the starters also in larger portions as mains?

Honey & Co, Fitzrovia

However, moving on swiftly.  The starters were delicious – we shared a basket of fresh bread (how do they make pitta quite so good?) and a labaneh and a spicy pumpkin and pepper dish.  The ideal first course, filling but not overly so.  I could have licked the plate.  As Emily devoured her aubergine, I opted for the roasted lamb salad with plums, tarragon, greengages and fennel seeds as my main course.  While lamb is my big go to, the rest of the accompaniments were not very ‘me’ (I don’t really like fruit in my food, unless it’s pudding).  But the combination worked beautifully and it felt both healthy and delicious.

Honey & Co, Fitzrovia

The place has a very local, neighbourhood feel to it.  Everyone is friendly, the staff lovely, and there is a pleasant buzz about the place.  It’s one of those places which makes you want to return.  It’s as far from a chain restaurant as you can get.

Too full for pudding, I decided I would return here for brunch, as this seems to be most legendary here.  Since drinking wine at the pub at 11am at the pub next door may not be quite so appropriate, I might have to surrender and actually book that (well) in advance.

Honey & Co

25 Warren St

London W1T 5LZ

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Casita Andina, Soho

August 9, 2016
Casita Andina, Soho

Clever clever Martin Morales.  Introducing affordable (and delicious) Peruvian food to London (Ceviche)?  Check.  Expanding into Shoreditch with a focus on the Peruvian Andres (Andina)?  Check.  And now, the last master stroke: opening a completely gluten free, super healthy (but still Peruvian) new restaurant in Soho.   Enter Casita Andina.  Andina’s little sister restaurant but with an increased focus on health, without of course sacrificing on taste.

I went for the soft launch last week, at lunch time.  The staff were clearly still a little confused with what was going on.  One lovely girl didn’t really understand the menu, as hard as she tried.  I got a call from the reservations team twice after I had left, asking me if I was still coming for lunch.  But this is all completely forgiven because a) it’s a soft opening, so these problems are inevitable, b) the food makes up for it all.

Casita Andina, Soho

They offer a great lunch time deal: two plates for £10.  I suggest if you’re dining with someone (which I hope you are), that you choose four different dishes between you.  One of the ceviche dishes (I’d go with the classic) is an obvious must.  Super delicious.  We also had the croquettas with a twist (pork and liver, with chilli jam) – unusual and surprisingly moorish.  From the hot plates we chose the Salmon Scabeche (perfect, and I love the sweet potato with it) and the Aji de Gallini (chicken with botija olive and a quails egg).  I’d never had chicken quite like it, it looked almost like scrambled eggs (without wanting to put you off) but was delicious, if not for everyone.

Casita Andina, Soho

The place itself is super cute, great location, small but with so much charm.  The Peruvian theme is of course very apparent, like at Andina, but without it being too naff.

The perfect lunch place, if not light dinner option.  I shall return.

Casita Andina

31 Great Windmill St,

London W1D 7LP

Photo credit: Casita Andina

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Tiny Leaf, Notting Hill – London’s first zero waste restaurant

April 3, 2016
Tiny Leaf, London

London is nailing healthy food (for my top choices check out this blog, though a new favourite is Who loves you).  But Tiny Leaf is trying to take it one step further, offering healthy, organic and delicious food, which is zero waste.  So what does zero waste mean?  In this case it means they turn surplus food generously donated from local food suppliers into beautiful dishes.  Win win.

Tiny Leaf has settled into the Bumpkin restaurant on the Northern edge of Notting Hill.  It’s the perfect place for brunch, offering the ‘usuals’ (poached eggs/avocado on toast), but also a delightful Breakfast Taco and the most moorish Buckwheat pancakes.  We ended up sharing the pancakes as a second course as were still hungry after our Taco (note: it’s healthy, but not overly filling).  To drink they offer kombucha (fermented green tea, I love it), a range of cold-pressed green juices and various mylk coffees.

Tiny Leaf, LondonTiny Leaf, London

But it’s not just a brunch venue.  Open all day, you can come here for a late lunch, a cocktail (they have two cocktail bars) or dinner.  It’s vegetarian, but their dinner dishes are inventive.

Tiny Leaf, LondonTiny Leaf, LondonTiny Leaf, London

It’s a beautiful restaurant, very green and light.  The staff are friendly and it has a nice vibe to it.  I’m not sure how long they are going to be around for, so I suggest you go soon.

Tiny Leaf

209 Westbourne Park Rd,

London W11 1EA

Photo credit: Tiny Leaf and my own

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Rök, Shoreditch

February 13, 2016
Rok, Shoreditch

I was asked a number of times which restaurant I had chosen for my birthday dinner last week.  ‘Rök’, I said.  ‘Oh’, replied the curious ones, ‘Great choice.  I do love Roka’.  On each occasion I then explained this was Rok without the a, and in fact very different to the popular, award-winning Japanese restaurant.  ‘It’s a smokehouse.  You know, Scandi food’.

Rok, Shoreditch

If Rok is not well known among Londoners, it should be.  Foodies will undoubtedly have either heard of it, or eaten there.  It’s been applauded by critics (Grace Dent named it one of her 2015 favourites) and you can book a table.  And finally – and this is an advantage perhaps purely for me – it’s not in Hackney or Dalston or Peckham, where for some reason every London restaurant on my list is located (a deterrent as it’s quicker for me to fly to Amsterdam than get home from there).

Shoreditch-based Rok is tiny.  That’s perhaps its one drawback; it’s a squeeze.  The tables are too small for the jars of pickles and plates of smoked and fermented food which come your way.  But it does make it cosy, and warm, and friendly.  All things which help on a cold February evening.  And the interiors are right up my street, stylish in a laid back way, lots of wood and simple white walls.

Rok, ShoreditchRok, Shoreditch

It’s not for everyone.  Fermented/pickled/smoked food never is. Though it does seem to be one of London’s latest crazes: fermented food is very on trend (kimchi is everywhere), plus it’s super healthy, which helps in the popularity stakes.  I know eating – let alone loving – meat is not so on trend these days.  But that was the reason I wanted to come here.  I heard the lamb and the beef – grilled using a charcoal-fuelled BBQ – was incredible.  And I was not disappointed.  Despite a horrid cold I could still appreciate the beautifully grilled lamb rump, and devour the fermented monksbeard (I promise you it tastes better than it sounds).   Plus, who knew pickled fennel (and cabbage) was so delicious?

Rok, ShoreditchRok, ShoreditchRok, Shoreditch

Sadly their chocolate cake had run out, or we would definitely have had that.  Rob worked his way through some British beers, and I enjoyed the house wine.  Their bar actually stays open until quite late.  But I guess I just have to remind myself this is East London, not Fulham.

Rok, Shoreditch

This is a place for those who want to try something different.  Vegetarians will enjoy the pickles, but it would be a shame to come here and not try their meat.  And their bone marrow mash.  Move aside Roka…


26 Curtain Road

Photo credit: Rok

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Who Loves You, Chelsea – For healthy brunching and juicing

February 8, 2016
Who loves you, Chelsea

I’m always on the search for healthy cafes in London, preferably not too far from South West London (where I live).  And so when I came across Who Loves you through Instagram, I got a little excited.  Located on the Kings Road (but more towards Parsons Green than Sloane Square), the name may have been a little off putting but the menu certainly wasn’t. And it was a half an hour stroll from home, so ideal.  While it’s new to the Kings Road, Who Loves You used to be the cafe at the excellent (and hip) pay-as-you-gym Core Collective (if you haven’t done one of their classes, I highly recommend it), off High Street Kensington.  And now they’ve set up by themselves.

The place did far from disappoint. The interiors are what you’d expect from a healthy ‘on trend’ cafe: lots of wood, light and green plants. It’s cosy and ideal for a post work out brunch, or a catch up with friends. They have a whole range of juices and smoothies, where you can avoid fruit if you want and just get a full on vegetable/super food fix in a few quick gulps.

Who Loves you cafe, Chelsea

The Brunch menu is right up my street: blueberry waffles with almond butter and fruit coulee? Check. A Goodness Bowl with quinoa, avocado, kale and poached eggs? Check. Chia puddings in all its wonderful variations (and also the option of a chia omelette)?  Check. The list of appealing options continues. And it’s all reasonably priced too.  So we like that.  A lot.

Who Loves you cafe, Chelsea

In short, if you want to continue all the good you did to your body in healthy January, head here. I promise you it’s yummy as well as healthy.

For more healthy options, check out these blogs here and here.

Who Loves You

517 Kings Road


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My favourite spots in London for healthy eating

January 10, 2016

Yes, January has come round quickly.  Last year I wrote about my favourite eight healthy places in London (see here), and some have made a re-appearance in this blog on 2016.  But there are also new ones which made the cut:

Ethos – the vegetarian buffet option

I’m not usually a fan of vegetarian restaurants, especially not ones which have a help yourself buffet and where you pay for the food by its weight.  But Ethos – with it’s cool Scandi design, large range of seriously delicious dishes (warm and cold, all gluten free) was a definite hit with me.  During the week they serve breakfast/brunch (avocado on toast/pancakes/scrambled eggs) and it’s a shame they don’t offer this on the weekend, but my Saturday lunch there was sublime (highlight: the zucchini and cheddar fritters).  Watch out how much you pile on your plate though, it can add up quite quickly.

Ethos, Oxford Circus

Farm Girl – the trendy Notting Hill hot spot

Just off Portobello Road, this hidden away gem, with stunning design (still loving their dark green tiles), offers the ideal healthy brunch.  THeir berry pancakes are the dream, everyone raves about their BLT (expect smoked coconut is used instead of bacon), and you may catch a glimpse of the live in and adorable grey French Bulldog. While the service can be a bit haphazard, I think the food and atmosphere make up for it.

Farm Girl, Notting Hill

Little H – my trusted local

I love everything about Little H, from its quirky California-esque design, to its well-priced cold-pressed juices (£3.90 for a small, which isn’t that small) and delicious chia pots.  Even if it’s raining outside, stepping into this tiny space, with its friendly service and array of (healthy) delights on the counter, will cheer you up any day.  If you need something more substantial, you’ve got big sister Hally’s across the road, which also never lets you down.

Little H - Parsons Green

Andina – for a South American twist

Ceviche’s sister restaurant in East London but not be your obvious choice, but here they offer South American food with a healthy twist.  Expect lots of quinoa, super foods (the first time I tried Lucama was here), cold-pressed juices and more. For breakfast they offer ‘safe’ healthy options like avocados and eggs on sourdough, but you can also try their more original Huevos Q’apachana (poached eggs with spicy potato puree, spinach and mushrooms).


Snaps & Rye and Lundenwic – for your healthy Scandi fix

Both Snaps & Rye (Golborne Road) and Lundenwic (Covent Garden) are great options for healthy but delicious breakfasts and lunches.  While Lundenwic does a wonderful porridge for breakfast, and hearty soups, cold-pressed juices and good sandwiches for lunch, at Snaps & Rye you should really try their ‘smorrebrod’ offerings with fresh herring or cured salmon.  Superb.

Snaps & Rye, Notting Hill

Tanya’s Cafe – for the superfood cocktails

OK so being healthy doesn’t necessarily mean cutting out alcohol all together (I am not partaking in Dry January).  At Tanya’s Cafe you can have the best of both worlds: delicious, fresh, raw food and superfood cocktails.  My favourite was the combination of one of their raw cheesecakes (to die for) and one of their sugar free cocktails.

Tanya's Cafe, Chelsea

Good Life Eatery – the original healthy cafe

Having started in South ken, you can also find the Good Life Eatery in Marylebone, and news is that they will soon be opening in Belgravia.  Which is good news for everyone, because this cosy (if pricey) cafe offers your perfect healthy options.  I love their gluten free scones and brownies, and their juices are delicious too.

Good life Eatery

Apart from the above, the Detox Kitchen (who have just opened a new branch in Kingly Court), Nama, Crussh and Juice Baby are all great alternatives.

With all these options there’s no excuse not to at least try and be healthy this month!

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Farm Girl Cafe, Notting Hill

August 17, 2015

London is (thankfully) not yet done with wonderful places to have a healthy but delicious brunch.

The Australia-inspired ‘Farm Girl’ cafe opened last month on Portobello Road in Notting Hill, by couple Rosie and Ant and their adorabe French Bull dog. A prime location but even better because it is set back from the touristy market road and even has its own little courtyard terrace. So it’s quiet. Tourists don’t really know it’s there, so it’s more a local thing.  Which is how I like it.

Farm Girl, Notting Hill

If healthy food isn’t really your thing then you probably won’t enjoy it here. Even the croissants are wholewheat.  They offer a club sandwich with bacon which actually isn’t bacon at all. It’s smoked coconut which tastes quite a lot like bacon. It’s their signature dish and it’s doing very well.

I went for the buckwheat berry and coconut pancakes. They are exactly what I try and make on the weekend and fail miserably at. These are so deliciously moorish I’d probably have them again and again.  Their salads are huge and zesty and their chicken dishes are very popular (when we went the chicken had run out).

Farm Girl, Notting Hill

Drinks are in the form of various juices, most of them with superfood powders like Lucama and Maca, or with almond butter and coconut. Or all mixed together: the Power smoothie.

Farm Girl, Notting Hill

I love the interiors of the place – the deep green and blue shiny tiles and wooden floors adding an elegance to the place. There is a large bar filled with plates of (healthy) pastries and bites.  Baskets of fruit hang from the walls.  There’s also a newspaper stand for those keen on reading the weekend papers.  This is my kind of place, and if you like Hally’s, the Good Life Eatery and Tanya’s Cafe, it may well be your kind of place too.

Farm Girl, Notting Hill

Farm Girl

59A Portobello Rd

Photos Farm Girl’s own

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Nama, Notting Hill

June 7, 2015

When Nama first opened last year, it was clear it was going to be a hit.  Located in trendy Notting Hill, where looking good and being healthy seems to be second nature, and offering raw and vegan food (very en vogue) – it was set to be a sure success.  And it has been.

With it’s rustic modern white interiors and bustling atmosphere, it’s hard not to feel a surge of energy as you walk in.  It’s a place where strolling in in your gym gear is accepted, if not encouraged, and where dressing up is utterly unnecessary.  So vast are the juice options (all cold pressed, of course) that you could spend forever uhming and ahing at the counter.

Nama, Notting Hill

Nama, Notting Hill

We found a space at one of the ‘bar’ tables facing the wall.  Not ideal, but with a no booking policy we were pretty chuffed to find a seat regardless on a Sunday morning.  The breakfast choice I’d heard the most about was the porridge, so I chose that.   This isn’t your usual steaming hot creamy porridge.  For one (this may be disappointing for some) it’s not hot (raw food can’t really be cooked over 30 degrees).  Expect instead a crunchier version: a delicious mixture of coconut milk with almonds, seeds, apple, cinnamon and nutmeg.  A great way to start the day.

Nama, Notting Hill

We also tried their raw pancakes (again made primarily with nuts) and banana ice cream (that’s the real reason to try it).  And some veggie juices and coconut water.   The staff were very friendly, and kept topping up our cucumber water (complimentary).


This is a place for those of you who like a nutritious, energising start to the day.  Who like vegetables, fruit and nuts.  And who aren’t afraid to try something different.  While they serve lunch too, I still think breakfast/brunch is the meal to have here.   But for those who take a liking to this food, you should definitely try their Raw Food or Juice Cleanse.  Check their website for further details.  Or if Notting Hill is too far to trek to, then try Tanya’s Cafe in Chelsea, which also serves raw food and superfood cocktails.


110 Talbot Road

Notting Hill

Photos Nama’s own

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Get Fit for Free (or for a bargain)

April 3, 2015

London has an incredible array of fitness classes on offer, but with classes sometimes at £30 a pop, they’re pretty expensive.  Since I’m a bit of a bargain hunter, I’ve explored some of London’s fitness options, and have noticed that many offer a free introductory class (or classes) to get you interested.  I would also recommend signing up to the Time Out offers – they will send you daily deals, often with fitness deals throughout London.  For example, I got 10 Transformer classes for £19 through Time Out – and I absolutely loved the classes.  Now with Class Pass, you can do unlimited classes around London for £89 a month.  But for those of you who don’t want to spend that much on work out classes, below are some great deals to get you in shape for the summer.  Enjoy!


Speed flex

Where is it: In the City of London, close to Bank Station

What’s the deal: First two weeks unlimited classes for free (with multiple classes a day this is a great deal for any City worker)

What’s the work out: Low impact, High Intensity.  Circuit training; usually about 30 seconds per ‘Speedflex machine’.  Your heart rate is measured and they tell you how many calories you burn at the end of every class. Oh, and Alan Shearer is a fan.


Project Fit

Project Fit

Where is it: City of London, close to Bank Station

What’s the deal: First class free.  Bundles can be bought thereafter (works out at about £12 a class).

What’s the work out:  My favourite work out in London, but also the hardest.  HIIT training, pushing you to the maximum.  The class is split between the running machine (sprints and incline) and ground work (weights and resistance training).  Expect thumping beats and neon lighting to get you in the mood to push yourself.  Not for the faint hearted.


Fitness Fusions

Fitness Fusions

Where is it: Clapham Common

What’s the deal: 5 classes for £25

What’s the work out:  Classes offered are Yoga, Pilates, Boot Camp and Barre Concept. Barre Concept is a great class – perfect for women who want to tone up, focusing on all the right areas.  The locations of the classes have a slightly amateurish feel to it but the instructors are good and friendly.




Where is it: Notting Hill, Oxford Circus, Clapham, Battersea

What’s the deal: First class free

What’s the work out: Go for the ‘Transformer’ class in Notting Hill on Monday or Tuesday evening at 7pm.  David, who leads the class, will absolutely kill you by making you do countless burpees, tuck jumps, push ups and mountain climbers.  You’ll hate it when you do it, but feel incredible afterwards.


Absolute Pilates Plus

Absolute Pilates Plus

Where is it: Near Parsons Green

What’s the deal: £24 for 3 classes

What’s the work out: Dynamic Reformer Pilates (machine based full body work out)



Heartcore Chelsea

Where it is: Fulham Road, Chelsea

What’s the deal: First class free

What’s the work out: 55 minutes of Dynamic Pilates, High-Intensity TRX (HIIT) or Barre


Nike Run Club

Nike Run

Where it is: Nike Town, Covent Garden, White City

What’s the deal: Free to run – just sign up to the Nike+ Run Club London

What’s the work out: Do either 5k, 7k or 10k runs through London.  There are also womens only runs.


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Top 8 Healthy London Eateries

January 25, 2015

Tanya’s Cafe

myhotel Chelsea

35 Ixworth Place

This place has been ridiculously popular, and for good reason.  Not only does this raw food cafe offer seriously inventive and delicious breakfast, lunches and dinners but their raw and sugar free cocktails are my absolute favourite (they’re Europe’s first superfood cocktail bar).  Finally a place where you can enjoy a cocktail without feeling too guilty.  Their raw cheesecakes are the perfect addition.  Check out my full blog here for more details.

Tanya's Cafe, Chelsea

Juice Baby

398 Kings Road

Another newly opened cafe in Chelsea (towards World’s End) where health junkies will feel right at home.  Their cold-pressed juices are delicious, as are their smashed avocado/mustard seeds/chilli oil on sourdough bread.  I loved the decor, with comfy sofas and large windows for Kings Road people watching.  Check out my full blog here for more details.

Juice Baby, Chelsea

Little H

267 New Kings Road

Parsons Green

Everyone loves Hally’s by Parson’s Green and now she’s opened a sibling cafe across the road.  It’s smaller, cuter and with a Californian edge.  And, while Hally’s has some healthy options, here the emphasis is purely on health foods.  They offer a huge range of juices and smoothies (regular for £3.90) and superfood shots (wheatgrass/spirulina/chia/lucama) for £0.50.  I love all their healthy snack bars too.  And their chia pots look amazing.  Not much seating space though.  More detailed blog up soon.

Little H, Parsons Green

Pure Taste

115 Westbourne Grove, Notting Hill

The Paleo Diet (aka the Cave Man Diet) seems to be the most popular diet of January 2015 so far, and Pure Taste is the first London restaurant offering a paleo-friendly (and gluten free) dining experience.  I have not been yet, but my sister has.  While she said the food was good (it’s especially great for meat lovers), the service wasn’t great and the prices are high for small portions.  Still, it’s super healthy, so it might be something for you.

Pure Taste, Notting Hill


110 Talbot Road, Notting Hill

It’s been on my list since it opened last year, and I still have not been.  This raw food restaurant in Notting Hill is the place to head to for breakfasts and lunch.  Apparently their dairy/sugar/gluten free porridge is to die for.

Nama, Notting Hill

Good Life Eatery

59 Sloane Avenue, South Kensington

My favourite South Kensington brunch place, the Good Life Eatery was one of the first healthy eateries in London.  Offering a mix of gluten/dairy/sugar-free breakfast/brunch/lunch options, as well as gluten free pastries and snacks – this has quickly become the Grand Dame of healthy eateries in London. While it’s pretty expensive, you could easily spend a chilled day here, reading the papers and sipping cold pressed beetroot juice, with a gluten/sugar free scone on the side.  What’s not to like?  Check out a full blog here.

Good Life Eatery

The Detox Kitchen

Soho and Harvey Nichols Knightsbridge

The name says it all.  This cute little Deli (the main branch is in Soho, but they’re also part of the food court in Harvey Nichols) serves everything and anything healthy.  Great salads (also for take away),  roasted veggies and tarts make it is perfect lunch place.  They also make the best banana bread (sugar free, of course).  For more info check out my full blog here.

The Detox Kitchen


A chain, I know, and not really an eatery as such as this is more a take away place (though some branches do offer seating areas).  But since they’re dotted all around London (new ones have opened on High Street Ken and in Notting Hill) they are super accessible.  And seriously good value.  They offer a huge range of juices, and their freshly pressed juices are no more than £4 for a regular.  In January they are offering a free shot of wheatgrass or spirulina with each juice you buy.  Their spinach/salmon/seed pots are perfect for a mid-morning snack, and their salads are ideal for lunch.



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Tanya’s Cafe, Chelsea

November 3, 2014

Tanya’s Cafe, Chelsea

For those of you who are starting to take your health more seriously, be it by drinking less or cutting down on carbs or sugar – Tanya’s Cafe (both gluten and sugar free) might be the place for you.  But even those who aren’t health-obsessed, I’d still recommend it. And that’s what’s so great about this place.  It’s fun. It serves alcohol. You don’t just get uber-skinny (sorry, ‘lean’) girls in their Lycra sipping on green juices.  It is a place for everybody – as long as you know that it’s raw food you’re getting.  It is the perfect setting for a ‘healthy’ cafe, located in the conservatory of Chelsea’s MyHotel’s; a very light space, with decor that almost makes you feel like you’re eating in a green house.  A very ‘green’ experience all round. 

Tanya's Cafe, Chelsea

Tanya's Cafe, Chelsea

Tanya's Cafe, ChelseaThe definition of raw?  That food cannot be processed or cooked over 40 degrees, thereby retaining all the natural goodness. So while the caramelised onions we had definitely did not seem raw, they’d simply been put in the oven for 48 hours in 36 degree heat.  If you think the menu is limited because the food can’t be ‘cooked’, think again – it’s diverse and surprising.  You can have anything from cashew cheddar quiche to pizza.  Well, the healthy version of. 

Tanya's Cafe, Chelsea
I went twice in one weekend. First time was for a cocktail; a ‘superfood cocktail’ (Tanya’s is the first place in Europe to offer these). I love this concept as am more and more aware when sipping cocktails that, no matter how good they are, they also very high in sugar.  Here they offer sugar free cocktails which still taste – and look – amazing.  A guilt free drink, apart from the alcohol (which is vegan and organic FYI).  ‘What the doctor ordered’, with cold pressed vegetable juices, RAW honey, chia and vodka was right up my street. ‘The Filthy Rich’ was almost edible – so chocolatey with a clear cherry and acai berry presence.  And we had it with the blueberry cheesecake because we just couldn’t resist. How do you make something taste so good without butter and sugar?

Tanya's Cafe, Chelsea

Tanya's Cafe, Chelsea

I went back the following day for brunch. Except, to my irritation, breakfast actually finishes at 11, not 11:30 as the website and menus claim (take note). And so we couldn’t have the dehydrated flax banana crepes.  Then again, the lunch menu wasn’t half so bad – the pizza with a nut-free crust and sautéed vegetables had to be tried. And we were also curious about the raisin bread, with the caramelised onions and basil, cedar nut and macadamia pesto on the side.  It was all delicious.  And while breakfast might have finished, their cold-pressed juices and shooters are available all day.  So we had a latte of chai spices, almond butter and date syrup, and a ‘My Warrior’ smoothie, with Maca powder, bee pollen, vanilla protein and my endurance milk.

Tanya's Cafe, Chelsea

Tanya's Cafe, Chelsea

Tanya's Cafe, Chelsea

Tanya's Cafe, Chelsea

I left feeling distinctly healthier and more energised.  No food coma.   And ready to take on the rest of the weekend.

Tanya’s Cafe

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