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Buenos Aires: Where to find good coffee.

January 11, 2016

In a country where coffee is not the drink of choice (it’s all about Mate – a traditional tea), Buenos Aires has done well on the cafe front.  A lot of places are now actually serving really good coffee, and Argentines are starting to take their ‘coffee culture’ more seriously.  Palermo stays on the forefront of the cool cafes, but Recoleta and Barrio Central are not far behind.

These were my favourites:

  • Hub Porteno, Recoleta

    I know it’s a hotel, but I had my best coffee here in Buenos Aires, for breakfast.  Their restaurant Tarquino, which is meant to be really good, is open to the public.  So grab your chance and have lunch here, and finish off with one of their excellent coffees.  It helps that the china is oh so pretty.

Hub POrteno, Buenos Aires

  • Delicious Cafe, Recoleta.

    Simple, local, friendly.  There’s nothing fancy about this Recoleta favourite, where an expat told me that they served the best coffee in town.  Their Illy coffee was good, and their media lunes (‘half moons’ – similar to croissants) were brilliant too.  It’s super affordable and a good place to start the day if you’ve got limited time.

Delicious Cafe, BUenos Aires

  • Birkin.

    Palermo Botanico’s trendy hangout, which serves a delightful Flat White, even though they need to work on their service.  Brunch is meant to be good here too.

Birkin, Buenos Aires

  • Negro, Centro.

    With a coffee machine called ‘Aurelia’, it was hard not to like this place.  It has a very local vibe, with people coming in for casual business meetings, others grabbing a coffee and a sandwich on the go during their lunch break, friends enjoying an espresso and a pastry.  Service was good here for once, and they also do some great fresh mint and ginger lemonades.

Negro, Buenos Aires

  • Barrio Cafetero, Centro.

    This place is so tiny, and if you didn’t know about it, you’d completely miss it.  It’s not in the most touristy of areas, but those who value their coffee will be glad they found it.  The range of coffee on offer is wonderful, and the barista was very friendly and helpful.  Worth the de-tour and ideal for a take away.

Bario Cafetero, Buenos Aires

  • Natural Deli, Palermo.

    Buenos Aires is yet to fully catch on to the whole health craze which is taking Western Europe and America by storm, but the Natural Deli is one of those places which health junkies would appreciate.  Apart from nice interiors (don’t be put off from the outside) and a good buzz (though again, the service was lacking here), the menu has some really good options, including some lovely organic coffees.

Natural Deli. Buenos Aires

Other cafes apparently worth checking out are Felix Felices & Co and Full City Coffee House, both in Palermo (of course), and I walked past Luba Coffee Store which looked lovely too.

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