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Boca Grande, Barcelona

September 21, 2015

I try and go to as many good restaurants in London as I can afford, or get invited to.  But during my weekend in Barcelona I think we raised the bar in terms of standard of restaurants we ate at.  Boca Grande would probably not be a restaurant I’d go to if it was in London, purely because I’d be terrified of the bill.  But that’s why Barcelona is so wonderful.  You can go to an exclusive, high end restaurant like Boca Grande and pay €40 – €50 per person (OK, you can certainly spend a lot more here, it depends how hungry you are).  And the experience that goes with it makes it even more worth it.

Boca Grande, Barcelona

Boca Grande is an assault on all your senses, in a good way.  The smell, the noises, the beautiful people, the food.  I could people watch for hours, but it was more the incredible intricate interiors of the place that properly fascinated me, with countless antique mirrors, rows of colourful bottles, crystal glasses and dim lighting.  As garish as this sounds, they’ve made it look very tasteful.  The design was done by Lázaro Rosa-Violán, who also designed the trendy and afforable Praktik Hotels (which are all walking distance from the restaurant).

Boca Grande, Barcelona

Their squid ink risotto with cuttlefish was delicious, as was their tuna and avocado tartar.  Their gazpacho was the best I’ve had.  Their raw bar is also worth trying, especially (apparently) the sea urchin.

Boca Grande, Barcelona Boca Grande, Barcelona

This is the perfect Saturday night dinner date place.  And after dinner?  Head upstairs to Boca Chica, Barcelona’s most celebrated bar, which is perhaps even more beautiful than Boca Grande (which nearly makes up for the eye-wateringly expensive cocktails). Oh, and apparently it also has a beautiful outside terrace, which we did not see.  Will be back to try it next time.

Boca Grande, Barcelona

Boca Grande

Passage de la Concepcio 12

Telephone: (93) 467 51 49 o (definitely book ahead)

Photos Boca Grande’s own and my instagram

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