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Blacklock, Soho

March 3, 2015
Blacklock, Soho

You wouldn’t think this new restaurant and bar was once a Soho brothel, but it was.  Now, the walls have a fresh lick of white paint, the colonnades are charcoal black with white crayon scrawls of the Blacklock menu and the lighting is subtle, in that trendy Soho way.  The whole place smells new, though sometimes you catch wafts of sensational grilled meat.  And then you know why you’re here.

You’re here for the meat.  Yes, the cocktails are a fiver – which is a real draw because I’m getting tired of paying £10 for a cocktail that’s mostly ice.  And the cocktails (especially the ‘Grandma’s spiked Lemonade’ – which is homemade lemonade with vodka and sherry) are really good.  But it is really all about the meat.  Which is lucky because the guys who have set it up are all ex-Hawksmoor and certainly know how to handle a piece of meat.

Blacklock, Soho

Blacklock, Soho

So we were meant to just go for cocktails and nibbles (the pre chop bites are yummy but literally are a ‘bite’), but then we saw plates heaped with chops come by and we were sold.  So we opted for a ‘stack’ of lamp chops (4 pieces).   They were utterly delicious, melt in the mouth, and finished far too quickly.  We didn’t stay for proper dinner, but the sides, especially the 10 hour roasted sweet potatoes and the charred courgettes, are meant to be excellent.  And you should go for the ‘All In’, which combines a combination of a pre chop bite, then beef/pork/lamb chops on charcoal grilled flat bread.

Blacklock, Soho

Blacklock, Soho

This is the ultimate place for meat lovers.  And for those who like their meat slightly charred.  The service stood out – charming and attentive, and quick to give advice if needed.  It’s affordable and good if you don’t have much time but just want a quick bite.  Recommended!


24 Great Windmill Street

W1d 7LG

Photos are Blacklock’s

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