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Bel & The Dragon, Kingsclere – WEEKEND BREAK

September 30, 2015
Bel and the Dragon, Kingsclere

I love weddings; the dress, the emotion, the happiness, the tears.  But it does add up: from getting to the wedding, to finding an outfit, a gift and a hotel for the night – weddings can really add up.  That’s why I love it when I find a place to stay which is not just a bed to fall drunkenly into, but also a genuinely wonderful country inn, where I’d happily stay for a a whole weekend, wedding or no wedding.

Bel & Dragon, Kingsclere

Reminding me a little of the The Crown Inn, in Amersham – the Bel & the Dragon country inn has such a lovely feel to it. It’s part of a chain of country inns with nine charming rooms, all recently completely renovated, and its reviews have been really good.  We got very lucky with our room (when you book, ask for Hollowshot), it’s huge and light and so comfortable.  The bed is massive, with lovely White Company linen and a sparkling white bathroom with a nice tub and Bramley bath products (like my favourite The Pig hotel).   Some rooms have tubs in the room for some added romance.

Bel & Dragon, Kingsclere

And I adore all their extra touches: complimentary Sipsmith sloe gin in the room if you fancy a sip before bed, their ‘Drawing Room’ limited to just guests of the hotel with complimentary scotch whisky, the Roberts Radio (always a fan), and the cosy and hearty breakfast with a great cappuccino.

Bel & Dragon, KingsclereBel & Dragon, Kingsclere

Best of all is that the room was only £95 for the night, and it’s only an hour drive from London, so totally doable for a night.  Their restaurant is meant to be very good, and I’m quite confident of that as we had lunch at the Bel & The Dragon in Windsor a few months ago and it was delicious.

Let’s just say we felt very smug when our friends who were staying in the Holiday Inn picked us up the next morning, and we worked out we only paid £10 more for the night. #winning

Bel & The Dragon

Swan Street
Hampshire, RG20 5PP

Photo credit: Bel & The Dragon

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