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Balls & Company, Soho

July 3, 2015

London loves a themed restaurant. Whether it be hot dogs or lobster, circus or sex shop, the appeal is there.  As of last week it’s time to make some space for a new theme: Balls.  Meatballs to be correct, though not your usual cheap beef mince ones.  And actually not necessarily meat at all.

The Australian chef Bonnie Porter has set up shop on the wonderful Greek Street, where every restaurant you pass is (or should be) on your ‘must go’ list (Bo Drake/10 Greek Street/Bibimbap).  Unsurprisingly it’s a small space, though there is an (even smaller) downstairs with a cute bar.

Balls & Company, Soho

The menu is straight forward: you have a choice of five types of balls (£8 for four), which come with five different sauces, served in pretty copper pans.  There are the delicious confit salmon balls with dill, or the quinoa, beetroot and feta balls (yup – meat free). Or there are the pork, romanesco & aioli balls (my fave). And for those who like their meatballs as close as possible to the original, there are the (far superior to normal) Wagyu beef balls. Something for everyone: from the veggie to the health-focused to the meat lover.

The sauces apparently can go with any of the balls. We still found it a touch tricky choosing which went with what. The tomato is a safe bet with all of them, I thought the pesto went well with the salmon (David disagreed), the Romanesco sauce is a match made in heaven with the pork meatballs.

Balls & Company, Soho

Sides are thick cut chips, or salad or mash. But really if you go for the quinoa with a more meaty option you don’t really need sides. The meatballs and sauce alone are really filling.

And then you have desert, which I never skip. David, being a Latino, insisted on the Tres Leche, which I would never have chosen (purely due to my ignorance) and it was the best thing ever (see photo below).  I went for the chocolate brownie, which sounds boring but it wasn’t as it was topped with icecream and candy floss.  Lots of different flavours and textures and the whole thing was a massive treat.

Balls & Company, Soho

Prices are super reasonable, even without the 50% off food for their soft launch (which was last week).  A glass of their Nero D’Avola is £4 and they are fairly big glasses.  Their Macchiatos were also delicious.

I’m pretty sure this is going to be a success story, and you’ll certainly have a ball of a time there (sorry, couldn’t resist).

Balls & Company

58 Greek Street Soho London W1D 3DY

Photos are Balls & Company’s and the Instagram one is mine.

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