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Andina, Shoreditch

March 8, 2014

Remember Ceviche, the cool Soho joint serving the latest Peruvian food?  Well, move aside – Ceviche’s Shoreditch sister restaurant is now the place to visit.


Why go?

1) The original, healthy menu.  

Yes all the dishes are Peruvian (of course), and you can of course expect ceviche on the menu.  But the food has original twists to it, which make the dishes far from standard.  Like ceviche with pecan nuts and rice vermicelli (Sato) or the Pumpkin Brownies.   I went with a Peruvian who initially found it hard to accept the additional ingredients in his beloved Peruvian food, but as soon as he tried it he was sold.  I loved the frequent use of quinoa (a Peruvian staple food) – from the quinoa crusted chicken breast (Aji de Gallina) to the Quinoa Burger –  and the use of broad beans.   The food felt very healthy while still absolutely delicious.

Causa MistiAndina

I strongly recommend (amongst other dishes):

  • Papas a la Huancaina.  Not just a normal potato dish.  The purple potatoes add colour and the Huancaina sauce is one of the best sauces I have ever tried.  Really fills you up as well, which means you don’t have to order as much as you would at Ceviche.
  • Causas Amantani.  The menu undersells it.  It is incredible!  Stunning presentation and each ‘potato stack’ is as refreshing, delicate and delicious as the next, while very different in flavour and texture.
  • Siwichi.  Because you got to have one of the ceviches.  This is close to the original but with the sweet potatoes and avocado it adds some new, welcome flavours.


2) The vibe.  Well, it’s Shoreditch, so it’s got to be trendy.  But even (non trendy) West Londoners like myself don’t feel out of place there.  It’s buzzing, friendly and inviting.  A bit more laid back than Ceviche – more a place where you can hang out all day, since they also serve breakfast and lunch (also meant to be very good).


3) The cocktails.  Of course!  You can’t dine there without one of their delicious pisco sours, where they don’t hold back on the booze and they are as frothy as we like them to be.

  4) The Value.  It’s not dirt cheap.  But you’re paying for really excellent food.  But I found that you don’t have to order as much as at Ceviche and you leave feeling fuller.  Even the small dishes have fairly generous portions and I highly recommend any of the potato dishes to fill you up if you’re on a tight budget.  Great for breakfast too.


1 Redchurch St, London E1 6JL

Takes bookings – just make sure you book in advance

Photos Andina’s own

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