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Amsterdam Festivals: yet another reason to visit Amsterdam

July 31, 2012

Amsterdam Festivals: yet another reason to visit Amsterdam.

Here are four of the best Amsterdam Festivals:



Awakenings, The Netherlands

When is it: 29th June 2013, from 11am – 23:00

Price: Around 60 euros

Where: Spaarnwoude (close to Amsterdam)


Why you can’t miss it: It has been on the Dutch music scene for some time now, and Awakenings has established itself as ‘the’ expert techno organization in The Netherlands.  It is the largest ‘techno party’ in Holland (eight arenas) with a range of styles within the genre – from progressive to hardtechno.  This year the likes of Ricardo VillaLobos, Carl Cox, Chris Liebing and Ben Simms played.  Plus its close to Amsterdam & easy to get to.  Don’t expect up and coming DJs, Awakenings plays only the well-established DJs.  Apart from good music, Awakenings also boasts a beautiful light show and a closing firework display.

Warning: tickets sell out very early and quickly, so book asap.

Crowd: Young & hip


Awakenings, The Netherlands




Zomerpark, The Netherlands

When it is: 16th June 2012 (next year’s date to be announced)

Price: 38.50 euro

Website: (won’t be of much use to you, unless you can read Dutch)

Why you can’t miss it: It’s just one stage, so it’s small and intimate.  Minimal techno beats. Very close to Amsterdam arena (Arena Park), so easy to get to.   Organised by Gasten Zonder Grenzen.

Crowd: Trendy Amsterdammers


Zomerpark, Amsterdam


De Parade (throughout the summer June to August, tours NL)

De Parade

De Parade, The Netherlands

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When is it: June – August

Price: Free till 16:00, then 7 euros

Where: Tours around Holland’s four largest cities: Amsterdam, Utrecht, Rotterdam & The Hague


Why you can’t miss it:  Theatre lovers cannot miss this – instead of music orientated it focuses on theatre and comedy.  Travel back in time to a festival with an old school circus theme, incorporating more ‘traditional’ fun (think carrousels, story tellers in small gazeebos, bake-your-own poffertjes (small pancakes) and ‘the Dark Room’).  There is even a Silent Disco in cage.  Catch it this year in Amsterdam (10-26th August).

Crowd: Huge range.  From young to old.

De Parade

De Parade, The Netherlands



Voltt from the air

Vollt from the air

When is it: 24th August, 11:00 – 23:00

Price: 41 euros

Website: or

Why you can’t miss it:  It’s set on a huge industrial terrain (NDSM wharf), one of Amsterdam’s coolest locations, reached by a free ferry from Amsterdam Central station.  This smaller-scaled festival has had a recent surge of popularity, yet it retains it’s intimate nature with a warm and vibrant atmosphere.  The music tends to be towards the minimal side of techno, though the tempo increases as the day progresses.  This year you can expect the likes of Cari Lekebush, Gaiser, Tale of Us, Mathias Kaden, Raresh and Bart Skills.  At the beginning of the day they experiment more with the DJs and play some new names, so don’t just expect the big names.  There are two stages (one in an old circus tent) and it has some cool quirks like a giant see-saw.

Crowd: Probably the ‘trendiest’ of Amsterdam’s festivals, the crowd certainly plays the part.

Vollt, the crowd

The blonde crowd

 With many thanks to Celine Gathier and Pieter van Hofwegen for their photos and amazing tips on Vollt and Awakenings. 


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