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10 Greek Street, Soho

December 6, 2015
10 Greek Street, Soho

I’ve spent a lot of time on Greek Street in Soho recently: dining at the excellent Korean grill Bo Drake, drinks at hidden bar the Vault under Milroys and now – finally – having dinner at 10 Greek Street.

I’ve been wanting to go for so long but have been put off by long queues and rumours of how difficult it is to get a table.  But this should not deter you, because, like other popular establishments like Palomar, they’ll take your name and number and give you a call when a table’s available.  So you can grab a cocktail at the Vault a few doors down, or grab a glass of wine at the new Les Couilles de Chien bar (translation: Dog’s bollocks) at Arbutus around the corner on Frith Street.

10 Greek Street, Soho

10 Greek Street is small, with just 30 covers.  It offers a simple but inviting dining room, with menus scribbled on large blackboards.  It has an open kitchen which adds to the lively atmosphere.   It is the perfect place for a date or to come to with a group of friends, like I did.  The menu changes daily and delighted us with a generous array of healthy options.  Lots of fish, pulses, grains and my favourite orange foods (sweet potatoes/pumpkin/squash).  It was Thanksgiving so that might explain the abundance of pumpkin (the burrata and roasted pumpkin was sublime).

We order a selection of small and large plates and shared everything between the four of us.  Our favourite was beyond any doubt the artichoke tart with truffle shavings and rocket.  Exquisite and almost too good to share.   The langoustines with a light fennel salad were full of flavour, but I always find it more effort than its worth trying to get the (little) meat from the shell.  The butterflied red snapper was delicious and zesty, the sea bass with cauliflower, pomegranate and large couscous had a hint of the Middle East and I really enjoyed it.

10 Greek Street, Soho10 Greek Street, Soho10 Greek Street, Soho

Puddings were equally delightful.  The chocolate tart with pear was finished within seconds, and the warm tart tartin was phenomenal with ice cream.  We drank three bottles of wine, trying three different ones with the Bordeaux winning for me, though the others liked the lighter Pinot Noir.

10 Greek Street, Soho10 Greek Street, Soho

We had a fun, long dinner and there wasn’t a dish we didn’t enjoy.  The staff were friendly, attentive and gave us good recommendations.  It fully lived up to my expectations and is worth returning to, regardless of the wait for a table.

10 Greek Street


Photo credit: 10 Greek Street and my Instagram

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