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The Dairy, Clapham

The Dairy, Clapham Sometimes you walk past certain places and just know that they’re worth a visit.  The Dairy, on Clapham Common’s ‘the Pavement’, is one of those places.  The time I found myself in Clapham this past summer (which now seems a distant memory), I walked past it.  Instantly I was drawn to its buzzing Common facing terrace, and caught a glimpse through their wide open doors of a […]


Buffet van Odette, Amsterdam

Buffet van Odette, Amsterdam Every time I return to Amsterdam it has numerous new tempting brunch additions.  But when I was in town two weeks ago I was determined to brunch at Buffet van Odette – a cafe/restaurant which is a staple brunch place for most young and ‘with it’ Amsterdammers, and which I, shamefully, had yet to visit. The name is misleading, since it does not really offer a buffet - […]


Volkshotel, Amsterdam

Volkshotel, Amsterdam Those of you planning to visit Amsterdam any time soon (and who, like most of us, can’t afford to stay at the stunning new Waldorf Astoria), you’re in luck.  Imagine the Ace Hotel (hip, hot and happening with an industrial feel), but without the price tag.  A hotel which offers quirky, cleverly designed rooms which can sleep multiple people, very comfortably, but without being a hostel.  A place […]


Tanya's Cafe, Chelsea

Tanya’s Cafe, Chelsea For those of you who are starting to take your health more seriously, be it by drinking less or cutting down on carbs or sugar – Tanya’s Cafe (both gluten and sugar free) might be the place for you.  But even those who aren’t health-obsessed, I’d still recommend it. And that’s what’s so great about this place.  It’s fun. It serves alcohol. You don’t just get uber-skinny […]


Basement Sate, Soho

Basement Sate, Soho In a dimly lit basement on Broadwick Street you will find a new bar, celebrating a combination of cocktails and pudding (yes, you heard me right).  I was pretty excited to hear about this opening, since I have a massive sweet tooth and find that Soho can always do with a few more good cocktail bars. We stumbled here fairly full after dinner at Palomar, convincing ourselves […]


Sager + Wilde, Shoreditch

Sager + Wilde, Shoreditch Shoreditch is known, amongst other things, for grungy clubs, pop up restaurants and edgy basement cocktail bars.  But it now also, I recently discovered, has a very sophisticated wine bar.  Which adds a bit of classiness to an otherwise barren stretch of Hackney Road.  You can see it’s warm lights from a mile off.   Sager + Wilde is one of the first places in Shoreditch I […]


The Palomar, Soho

The Palomar Restaurant, Soho Ever since The Palomar Restaurant opened a few months ago, I’ve only heard good things.  The reviews have rarely had a negative point.  Even the uber-critical AA Gill loved it.  They’ve got to be doing something right. I’d been trying – and failing – to reserve a table for weeks, but Open Table was not letting me get my way.  Then I found out that the […]


Five Rasons to hang out in Marylebone: the Natural Kitchen / Wallace Collection / 106 Baker Street / Roots and Bulbs / Nordic Bakery

Five Reasons to hang out in Marylebone: Natural Kitchen / Wallace Collection / 106 Baker Street / Roots and Bulbs / Nordic Bakery I don’t spend enough time in this part of London.  So when a free Saturday appeared, I chose to spend the day discovering more of what Marylebone has to offer. Breakfast at the NATURAL KITCHEN Yes, it’s a chain, but there are three main reasons why I love […]


The Fish & Chip Shop, The City

The Fish and Chip Shop City Don’t be put off by the name, for this is no normal chippy. Des McDonald, head chef at the Ivy in his younger years, and now successful restaurant owner himself (he also owns Q Grill, the Holborn Dining Room and recently did a collaboration with Selfridges to launch a very successful On the Roof with Q ‘pop up’) is expanding his restaurant empire, but […]


Canvas Bar, Shoreditch

Canvas Bar, Shoreditch You’d never know this lively, creative bar was once the grottiest of pubs.  Located just off Old Street roundabout, it’s a short stroll from the City (no more than 15 mins max) and you’re on the edge of fun-filled Shoreditch and beyond. The name gives the game away – this is no normal watering hole. Instead, it aims to combine a high standard of cocktails with art […]


Fire and Feathers, South Kensington

Fire and Feathers, South Kensington Instagram is a useful tool to learn about new London restaurants.  My Instagram showed me that two celebrities (of very different calibers) were a fan of Fire and Feathers (which opened in June this year) and that it was close to home.  What’s more,  the menu had friendly prices and the cocktail menu also looked enticing.  So I took an American friend whom I had not seen […]


Belmond La Residencia, Mallorca

Belmond La Residencia, Mallorca When it comes to five star European summer retreats, I think there are few more talked about hotels than the Belmond La Residencia. Built into the foothills of a stunning Mallorcan mountain range, with views of the sea of one side and of the picturesque town of mountain town of Deia on the other, La Residencia truly embodies understated luxury. We were lucky enough to come here […]


St Petersburg, Russia

St Petersburg, Russia Earlier this month I was lucky enough to go on the most wonderful trip to St Petersburg.   While Russia has a lot of bad press at the moment, and I’m certainly not a fan of their politics, this did not take away from the startling beauty and cultural wealth that St Petersburg has.  What I loved most about the city was the immense role that water […]


St Clements, Parsons Green

St Clements, Parsons Green I’ve found my new favourite brunch place.  A bold statement to make.  And it’s not because it’s round the corner from my house (though that does of course help).  These are my reasons: 1) The Location It’s not actually on Parsons Green, but more on Eel Brook Common.  Which means it is far less busy than places like Hally’s (if you haven’t been, definitely check it out), […]


The Social Eating House, Soho

 Social Eating House We meant to go to the Blind Pig for a cocktail, but when we found out we had accidentally booked a table at the ‘sister restaurant’ the Social Eating House (located under the Blind Pig), I was overjoyed.  This beautiful restaurant had long been on my list of London restaurants I desperately wanted to visit. When I had read that week that Time Out voted it the […]


Tapas Revolution, Shepherds Bush

Tapas Revolution, Shepherds Bush Shopping malls are not usually my favourite place to eat, but I must say Westfield makes an exception.  Not only is it convenient to be able to grab a bite to eat after a long afternoon of trawling through shops, but the range of restaurants Westfield offers makes eating here a real pleasure.  While I’d eaten at Wahaca and Byron Burger, I never tried the Tapas […]


Best Brunch places in South Kensington

Best Brunch places in South Kensington South Ken is a great place to meet up with people – for many reasons: – It has convenient Underground connections (Piccadilly, District & Circle) – Its proximity to some of London’s best museums: the V&A, the Natural History Museum and the Science Museum – It has some great restaurants and bars It’s probably for the latter reason that I often get asked where it’s […]


Kozu, Parsons Green

Kozu, Parsons Green I’ve walked past this alluring restaurant more times than I can remember.  Its black painted exterior (and  awning) with a few tables outside and huge pots of white flowers has always made me want to eat here.  Its Japanese menu has too.  So when two friends and I were wandering around Parsons Green one evening looking for a place to eat, we decided Kozu was the place for us. […]


Tuscan Highlights

Tuscan Highlights Having spent a week in a villa in southern Tuscany – in between Siena and Arezzo, it was impossible not to do some sightseeing and visit some of the stunning towns in the surrounding area.  These places were my favourites (again, this will be photo heavy): AREZZO Arezzo is one of the highlights of southern Tuscany, not only because it’s a beautiful town, but also because it lacks […]


The River Cafe, Hammersmith

The River Cafe, Hammersmith A few weeks ago my father was in town.  It was one of those weeks where the sun was surprisingly relentless and London was well and truly basking in it. The plan was to go for dinner, but with the conditions that we eat outside and in the Fulham area.  The River Cafe sprung to mind; a much loved Italian restaurant with a Michelin star (which it received […]