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Lima Floral, Covent Garden

Lima Floral Peruvian food. It’s everywhere. All the rage, and for good reason. Ceviche, Andina and Lima Fitzrovia are three of London’s most popular, with Nikkei food (Japanese Peruvian) at restaurants like Chotto Matte not far behind.  Londoners are lining up not only for the fresh flavours, colourful potatoes (in my case) and original dishes, but also for the names.  These are trendy restaurants, with good reputations.  Ceviche and Andina are […]


Ronda, Andalucia

Ronda, Andalucia Those who aren’t that familiar with Spain will probably never have heard of Ronda.  But those who know and love Andalucia, will know that Ronda is a town of understated beauty, balancing perilously on the top of the Tajo canyon, which splits the town in two.  Puente Nuevo (the ‘New Bridge’) spans the canyon, towering 120 metres above the canyon floor. It is by far the highest and most […]


Budapest: A weekend break

Budapest: A weekend break When Twin Turtle (Joanna van Lynden) flew to Budapest for the weekend as a birthday treat from her boyfriend, she was so taken by the city that she couldn’t stop talking about it upon her return.  Here she shares some of Budapest’s highlights: Stay Brody House Recommended to me by a friend who knows the city very well, this is the place to stay in Budapest. […]


Forte Village, Sardinia

Forte Village, SardiniaLast weekend Mini Turtle and I flew to Sardinia, one of Italy’s stunning islands famed for its sandy beaches (which Italy itself mostly lacks) and mountainous interior.  It was our first time on the island and, despite a 3:30am wake up, we were very excited when we landed in her capital, Cagliari (also worth a visit apparently).We were collected by the shiniest Mercedes I have ever seen, who drove us […]


Harwood Arms, Fulham

Harwood Arms, Fulham Tucked away amongst the charming backstreets of Fulham, you will find the Harwood Arms.  It’s close to Fulham Broadway but you’d never know it.   The pub looks simple from the outside – inviting – but simple none the less.  Little would you know if you passed it that this is London’s only Michelin-starred Gourmet pub and Fulham’s worst kept secret.  Hence it’s damn hard to get […]


Three great London rooftop bars

Three great London rooftop bars These days London seems to be all about its rooftop bars and restaurants.  Which is totally understandable considering London’s amazing sky line, which is constantly changing, with brand new sky scraper landmarks popping up like daisies.  Now is the best time to go, with summer well on its way and the weather finally showing its kind side. This week I was lucky enough to visit […]


Amanzo'e, Greece

Amanzo’e, Greece There is a name for people who love Aman hotels: Amanjunkies. If you’re lucky enough to be able to afford a night at any Aman (there are 26 world wide), then it is highly likely you too will become addicted to them.  Because these hotels are one of a kind. Unique, exclusive and utterly heavenly, they are not your usual five star.  And the price per night (from […]


Poseidonion Grand, Spetses, Greece

Poseidonion Grand, Spetses, Greece If you’re going to visit Spetses – which I highly recommend (to read more about it, check out my Spetses blog)  – there is only one place you can stay: the Poseidonion Grand.  It stands proudly on the sea front in Dapia, the new harbour, with incredible views of the sea, the harbour and Greek mainland. This stunning hotel, built in 1914 in Belle Epoch style, […]


Spetses: Notes on a Greek Island

Spetses: Notes on a Greek Island We reach Spetses on the local ferry from Kosta, the pretty sea front houses slowly growing in size as we speed towards the island.  The Poseidonion Grand is instantly recognisable.  A Spetses landmark for a century now, the regal hotel stands centre stage, demanding attention.  The morning sun breaks through the clouds, spraying shards of bright light on Spetses harbour.   We have arrived. There is a tranquility […]


London Cru Urban Winery, Earls Court

London Cru Urban Winery, Earls Court When I got an invitation to go to a wine tasting session at London’s only winery I was excited, but also a bit confused.  Especially when I found out it was around the corner from my house, right by Earls Court Exhibition Centre.  My main question was, how one earth can you make wine in central London?   The wine tasting hour I had […]


On the roof with Q, Selfridges

On the roof with Q, Selfridges Q-Grill is a Camden based grill restaurant, with a good reputation and fair prices.  Needless to say, the idea of combining it with Selfridges’ stunning roof terrace is genius, thus naming it the very alluring ‘On the roof with Q’.  I never eat at Department stores (apart from a one off at the Detox kitchen in Harvey Nichols), especially not at expensive ones like Selfridges. But […]


Skandel Pop Up, Chelsea

Skandel Pop Up, Chelsea Along with a number of pros in the food industry (Danish Michelin star chef Christoffer Hruskova amongst them), half Norwegian James Sykes-Hagen has set up Skandel (the name a combination of Skandinavian and Delicatessen).  The venture is still work in progress: the idea is to launch a Skandinavian fast food chain to rival Pret a Manger.  Think fresh, organic food – bread & pastries baked daily, donuts with […]


Barnyard, Fitzrovia

Barnyard, Fitzrovia When I told my colleagues I was going to Barnyard for dinner, they laughed and scrunched up their noses. One of them even put on a Farmer Giles accent. They clearly had never heard if it. But when I explained this was Ollie Dabbous’ new(ish) restaurant – A.K.A famous owner and chef of Dabbous – they suddenly I had a bit more respect for my dinner choice. Especially when I […]


Hally's Parsons Green

Hally’s, Parsons Green This has long been on my list of go to Brunch places.  I’ve been before for a quick coffee, but had yet to try their brunch menu.  So on sunny Sunday Rob and I ambled down the Munster road for a late lunch. Bloggers seem to love this place too – from travel bloggers like Petite Passport (who voted it best place visited in 2013) to fashion bloggers […]


Lisa's Kitchen & Bar, Notting Hill

Lisa’s Kitchen, Notting Hill Scandinavian food is the food ‘du jour’ these days.  Ever since it opened, I’ve been desperate to go to Restaurant Story – the owner/chef Tom Sellers having cooked at the famous Danish restaurant Noma – and so now bringing strong Nordic touches to his food and to the decor of his own restaurant.  But then it got a Michelin star and the prices went up even […]


Boma & Boma Green, Fulham

Boma & Boma Green Ever since I follow Boma Restaurants on Instagram it find it increasingly hard not to want to dine there on a weekly basis. Their dishes not only look impeccable, but they are a refreshing mix of healthy without going OTT.  So yes, expect burgers on the menu, but also expect all your food to be locally sourced. Plus it helps that both Boma (the flagship restaurant […]


Alicante: Top Tips

Alicante For most of you, the just the name Alicante probably conjures up images of noisy hen-do goers swigging bottles of Lambrini and translucent overweight bodies lying on a crowded beach. Alicante has a bad name, but this is mainly because its airport offers very cheap flights from the UK.  And it is the gateway to the dreaded Benidorm which is very package holiday-esque.  I’m not going to lie, I […]


Doodle Bar, Battersea

Doodle Bar, Battersea Doodle Bar is one of those places that unless you live south of the river in places like Battersea, you’ve probably never heard of it. I first went a year or so ago, mainly because of its proximity to Rob’s house (and around the corner from Bunga Bunga).  I returned on Friday evening, as an alternative option to the Westbridge pub, which was heaving. Doodle Bar is […]


Peg + Patriot, Bethnal Green

Peg + Patriot When the charming barman at Talented Mr Fox (TMF) told me they were opening a new bar, I had to go see it.  This bar, called Peg + Patriot, was to be found in Bethnal Green (on Patriot Square surpisingly) and opened last Friday. What I hadn’t realised is that it was actually in a hotel – the Town Hall hotel, and so, like Talented Mr fox (in […]


Wishbone, Brixton Village

Wishbone, Brixton Village  Brixton Village is the best place in London for cheap eats.  With the likes of Franco Manca (Pizza), Khao Sarn (Thai) and Seven (cocktails for a fiver) – you can’t go wrong here. Wishbone might be the most talked about fried chicken place amongst my friends and colleagues.  So with fellow blogger Nina from HYHOI  and a few others, I decided to delve into the world of […]