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Lunch in Fulham: The Brown Cow

Easter Sunday calls for a special lunch.  So Rob sweetly decided to take me out for a local Fulham lunch. It was raining but the dog needed walking so we thought we’d just walk to the Fulham road and see what we came across.  And hoped the dog would be allowed in too. Luckily for us we found the Brown Cow – a gourmet pub Rob had been before and […]


Flesh & Buns: Izakaya-style Japanese food

Last night I took Rob to Bone Daddies’ latest restaurant addition: Flesh & Buns – as a late birthday treat. Bone Daddies’ idea behind Flesh & Buns was to make it ‘Izakaya’ style.  Izakayas are Japanese taverns (effectively our form of a pub) – an informal setting where you go mainly to drink, but where snacking food is served (often as small dishes, which everyone shares).  At Izakayas the emphasis […]


Pizza Pilgrims

A short walk from Tottenham Court road, on the edge of Soho, Pizza Pilgrims – specialising in ‘Napoli street food’ – has recently opened its doors.  Upon first entering it seems like a small restaurant, mainly taken over by an open kitchen, where busy hands kneed dough and friendly waiters prepare drinks.  There are window seats with wooden stools, where you can watch passers-by or, if you sit on the […]


Paradise at The Four Seasons, Langkawi

  FOUR SEASONS LANGKAWI, MALAYSIA I was lucky enough to stay at the stunning Four Seasons Langkawi thanks to Abercrombie & Kent at the end of February this year. Here is my brief summary with photos.  Any one who has the chance to go, don’t say no!  I had completely underestimated the beauty of the place.  Jo (my sister, whom I travelled with along with Gene) said she felt like […]


Tea at Muriel's Kitchen, South Kensington

Tea at Muriel’s Kitchen, South Kensington I don’t know how many times I have walked passed Muriel’s Kitchen, a cafe/restaurant just around the corner from the South Kensington Underground. I’m not sure whether it is because it’s always so full of people who look like they’re having a good time, or whether it is simply its mouthwatering array of cakes and pastry in the window, but I have always been […]


Brunch at Poppy's Place, Fulham

So a new Cafe has opened up around the corner of my house.  The Munster Road is slowly changing into a lively, cafe-filled street.  No need to trek to Parson’s Green to get your brunch now.   Especially since Poppy’s Place has opened. It’s light, spacious and cosy.  You instantly feel welcome, as you’re ushered in by the friendly waiters. It’s not a large space, but they have used it […]


Andina: London's hottest new Peruvian Restaurant

Remember Ceviche, the cool Soho joint serving the latest Peruvian food?  Well, move aside – Ceviche’s brand new Shoreditch sister restaurant is now the place to visit. Why go? 1) The original, healthy menu.   Yes all the dishes are Peruvian (of course), and you can of course expect ceviche on the menu.  But the food has original twists to it, which make the dishes far from standard.  Like ceviche […]


3 reasons why you need to hang out in Kings Cross

3 reasons why you need to hang out in Kings Cross The area around Kings Cross has changed dramatically over the years.  Firstly, and most noticeably, Kings Cross & St Pancreas station have been beautifully renovated.  It took a while (and cost £800 million), but it was worth it.  While for me loving St Pancreas is probably tied to connotations of taking the Eurostar to Paris, I think this Victorian […]


Dirty Bones: American Fast Food & Cocktails

Dirty Bones: American Fast Food & Cocktails Dirty Bones is the new hot spot in town, with an American Diner vibe and most importantly the chef Ross Clarke at the helm, who used to be creative development chef at Heston Blumental’s The Fat Duck Experimental Kitchen. I nearly ran past it as I legged it down Kensington Church Street in the rain.  The neon lights at the door were not […]


A truffle feast at Tartufo

A truffle feast at Tartufo After my last post, this one may seem a bit contradictory.  I’ve gone from healthy to, well, unhealthy.  But blissfully so. And in my mind it was just a Friday treat, one not to be repeated too often… For those who love truffles, Tartufo is the place to go. A lovely restaurant hidden in the basement of trendy boutique Hotel 11 Cadogan, on the quiet […]


Healthy January: The Good Life Eatery & Jak's

Yes, it’s January.  And we’re still all full of our New Year’s Resolutions and promises to be healthier, drink less and lose weight.  Well, I am.  Hence Healthy January. But there is no need stop yourself from going out and having a good time.  London has plenty of wonderful cafes and restaurants which will help you stick to Healthy January, while offering delicious food and drink. And so yesterday, in […]


Spuntino: American/Italian Tapas in Soho

If you like the Venetian tapas restaurant Polpo, you’ll like its grungier brother Spuntino just as much. Though similar in their location (both in trendy Soho), owner (Russell Norman) and lack of reservation policy (hence queues at the bar), they are in fact not really alike at all. They serve tapas (not the Spanish kind), but of a very different nature. Spuntino is very much like a Brooklyn diner with […]


Christmas Cocktails at The Churchill Bar

Christmas is nearing but there is still plenty of opportunity to embrace what festive cheer London has on offer. And so I went to the Churchill Bar on Portman Square. Part of the Hyatt Regency Hotel, this is not just a bar you go to for a casual beer (unless perhaps you’re a hotel guest).   It is the perfect date place.  Or at least ‘one on one’ place.  And […]


Burger vs Burger

As the burger craze continues to take London by storm I’ve come to notice that there are two types of burger joints: 1) The greasy American style burger (joint).  With serious amounts of dripping cheese. And god knows what else.  Burger 1 is usually a bit smaller than Burger Type 2.  A bit more compact.  With lots of sauce.  Examples of restaurants: Meat Liquor, Patty & Bun.   2) The […]


5 Reasons to go to the New Forest

Having spent a fantastic few days there last weekend, here are my top 5 reasons why to visit the New Forest: 1) The nature & landscape of the New Forest National Park  A combination of dense forest, pasture land and stunning heathland.   Best time of year to go is apparently just as it is turning autumn as the heather turns a beautiful purple colour.   We were exceptional lucky […]


A moveable feast at The Pig

I’m not a huge fan of pork.  I mean, I like a crispy piece of bacon once in a while, but if I had to choose my favourite meat, pork would be at the bottom of the list.  Strange then, that ever since I read about The Pig Hotel in a magazine over a year ago, I was so attracted to the place.  Which they advertise as ‘a Restaurant with […]


Nobu's Bento Box

A few weekends ago I took Rob (half Japanese and a big lover of his native food) to the famous Nobu on Old Park Lane for lunch as a treat.  I was excited but also a little nervous about the prices since Nobu is not only known for its impeccable Japanese cuisine, but also for its rather extortionate prices.   As soon as I arrived I decided to just stop […]


A Relais & Chateaux Lunch at Hotel Orfila, Madrid

Madrid is one of my favourite European cities and in my eyes too frequently overlooked.  At the end of September we flew to Madrid for a long weekend and on the Friday were treated to a lunch at the lovely Relais & Chateaux Hotel Orfila.  It surpassed all expectations and was a fantastic start to what was to be a brilliant city Break. Through work I was lucky enough to […]


Amsterdam: The Rijksmuseum & Brunch

I can’t think of many museums that need 10 years to be renovated.  But the Rijksmuseum – which houses the most incredible collection of Dutch Art and is one of the most famous museums in the world – is one of them.  And ever since it re-opened its doors earlier on this year I’ve been desperate to go.  Luckily a long weekend in Holland presented the perfect opportunity to go […]


Essaouira: Moroccan Beach

  For a breath of fresh sea air escape hectic Marrakech for the beautiful Atlantic coast, only a three hour drive away. My favourite Moroccan coastal town is Essaouira.  As far as Moroccan coastal towns go, Agadir tends to be most popular with tourists.  Mainly the package holiday type.  They are attracted to the sandy beaches and an all year round excellent climate.  But they tend to forget (or not […]